Friday, June 13, 2008

Foto Friday...

We were so lucky to run into a rescued fawn for the boys to see and play with on sunday evening.

Little Mister has been very sick. It has been increasing since tuesday morning and escalated yesterday. I wish I could say it's just the chicken pox. We are not sure yet what is causing his problems. but I will update you later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Healthy, and ultimately wealthy and wise!

At the beginning of the year I made a committment to lose weight and work towards living a long term healthy lifestyle. I have been very succesful in working towards this goal. I am only about 40% of the way towards my weightloss goal, but I have made great strides as far as learning about basic nutrition guidlines and also what to look for on labels and why preservatives are not a good thing. Of course all things in moderation. By that I mean it may be difficult to avoid all additives but having knowledge of the key ones and what it does to our bodies is what makes this task all that much easier. I recently talked about the effects of MSG found in the majority of canned foods and most commonly found in my pantry in the cream soups and stock bases.
I talked in my previous post about making homemade cream of mushroom soup and freezing it to avoid this reaction to preservatives again. I completed my task on monday and OH MY WORD! Can I say AWESOME!! It was so easy and it actually tasted like mushrooms. It was so delicious. I made 8 batches of this recipe I found here. I did add some basil and parsley and replaced some of the butter for olive oil. **Note most chicken or any stocks in the store contain monosodium glutimate (MSG). So look at your labels. Rachael Ray makes her own stock in a box and it is preservative free and it even sells at wal-mart for only $2.26/quart.
My 8 batches made the same as 30 cans of campbells cream of mushroom soup at no extra cost, just about 1 1/2 hours of time.

I am also very passionate about the health of my husband and my children. I have been changing my granulated sugar to zylitol which has a much lower glycemic count and is also granulated. This is great in fruit salads, baking and cereal, ect. The glycemic index being low is what makes it great for diabetics without all the side effects of most other sweetners.

The other topic I am going to cover in small detail, only because Virginia and Elizabeth cover it on they're blogs well enough for you to refer to those articles by clicking on they're names. I DO NOT do vaccinations, and feel even more like this is the best option for my family now than ever. I have been dealing with the chicken pox and have since then discovered what the pox vac is made of and am horrified. I don't think anyone who does vacs is doing the wrong thing, I only say be infrmed and research beyond your pediatrician. You don't know what you don't know until you delve into the issue with intent on learning the truth.

My little Mister has been a very sick child his first year and are having many more issus than the chicken pox right now and am convicted all the more that I need to take control of what goes into they're bodies and to be very informed about medicine in general. I will go into the the health issues that has consumed our household a great deal next week. You won't want to miss it.
I think I have covered enough issues now, some a bit on the controversial side but just be informed. God Bless, Christina

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

prayer and support

As many of you know I am a christian and believe very heavily in prayer and lifting others in prayer who need that support. I have a bloggy friend who is hurting very much right now and you can read her story here. She needs much prayer and support to get her through this unfortunate and sad time in her and her husbands life.

God bless you Dave and Wendi and we will continue praying for you and your family.

Succotash Tuesday

Yeah, It's SUCCOTASH TIME! I love succotash because it is a hodgepodge of anything that floats your boat.

Little mister is surviving the pox (barely), he has it much worse than Big Mister had. I ended up giving him 4 soda baths yesterday and ended up in the tub for the last one since he was so tired from crying. I won't share a picture since the mental picture is bad enough. I did however wear undergarments if that makes it better.

I succeeded in planting 21 roma tomatoe plants and 12 or 14 pepper plants yesterday. I managed to weed most of the garden as well. I am looking forward to picking strawberries in a week or two. My pea's are blossomed now and am guessing 1-2 weeks more they will be ready. I planted 240 ft first planting and another 120 ft a month later for a larger crop. I am so elated at my beets, I love them in any form and this is the 4rth year planting them and for the first time they came up, all 260 ft of them. The trick is to soak the seeds in water overnight same as morning glory seeds.

I had one rose bush away from all the rest of my bushes, and I am not sure but I think that it got lonely because he just wasn't sprouting at all. I felt so sorry for him and made a spot for him with all the girls in the rose garden. I am sure he be growing an flirting away now!

I am making my homemade cream of mushroom soup today and will let you all know how it turns out. I am rather excited to something new that will improve the health of our family.

My DW is home today which is why I am trying to get as much done as possible. His workplace has no power from all the storms we have had and so he is home with us today. YEAH!

I have to say the debt diet program we are doing is going super well. I am actually enjoying paying cash and not credit for eeverything. I should find out soon where and when I will start working again. You all will be the first to know.

This shall conclude my succotash for the week, I no nothing to exciting, but at least constructive. Oh, I probably didn't mention that my one sister in law is getting married on thurday and the other sister in law is expecting another baby.

God bless and have a great day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Madness...

Here it is once again, arriving every 7 days without fail, Monday. But in the home of Photo Mama it is Monday Madness!

Not without just reasoning for being labeled so, I will go down my list.

First after all the chicken pox junk lately, Big Mister had it quite severe but did well overall, and Little Mister only had one area with a few spots and faired very well. The clincher in all this info is that it was not enough for Little Mister to be immune to the chicken pox and therefore got a full blown horrifying case of it by saturday night and and it has worsened each day since. He is quite frankly going mad today and pissed off at the world and I can't say as I blame him. he has clusters of tiny little blisters all over his face and ankles his diaper area is so bad I can't even describe. He totally has it worse than Big Mister had. Little Mister does however give me a few smiles every now and again.

I have a huge week coming up and was looking forward to being organized and not have to deal with the pox, but it is monday madness, don't want to cheat the day. I am finding ways to work around the pox as my sister in laws wedding is on thursday and little mister CANNOT go!

I love Mondays even tho they are mad because I accomplish more in this one day than any other given day of the week.

I am going to try and publish a post each day but if I don't get one out pray for me as it is probably pox complications that is the cause.

God bless this monday madness,