Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful tutorial!

There has been serveral of you that have commented on my thanksgiving plaque and how I made it. So easy and I did some major cheating but here goes. Here is where I posted my plaque. and in that post i referenced a blog that I got the idea for initialy.

She uses wood, but I did not have a wooden plaque, but I also didn't want to wait to make till I go to the store. So I found some cardboard, and used it as my base.

I used one 12x12 sheet of patterned cardstock from basic grey's figgy pudding line.

I used glitters from the martha stewart line at wal-mart (which comes with a fine tip glue) the colors brownstone and blue topaz.

I had a corner rounder yes paste for glue (found at michaels), a 12' slide cutter, a hole punch and sheer ribbon.

First I took and cut my cardstock in half, the back was the dark pattern and I rounded the corners and glued it to the cardboard. Then I trimmed the other half and used the light patterened side. I chose this for my main side because of the design and I new I wanted to use that design to highlight it with glitter. Round the corners and set aside while you type your saying or quote onto your computer and print it onto vellum paper. I trimmed my quote and affixed it where I wanted it with mini brads but you could use vellum tape as well.

Now glue that piece ontop of the other patterned piece, and punch holes at the top and string your ribbon.

My favorite part is the glitter. Martha stewart's line is the most brilliant hands down. Use your fine tip glue and just start outlining a pattern you want to highlight, sprinkle with glitter and shake off the excess. (make sure to shake your glitter on a paper that you can save it )
So in a nut shell:
1) find a canvas you want to work with
2) use a quote that inspires and encourages you
3) use elements, paper, ribbon, and glitter that are in colors you like to work with or that you have on hand.
4) always remember, simple is good.

There is no particular colors or patterns, use your imagination and use what you have and see how creative you can be. Remember it's the message that is most important and let that passion do the work of creating.

Enjoy and God bless, Christina

Friday, November 21, 2008


I am in love with photo's and I am addicted to scrapbooking. So I decided to dabble in a little digital scrapbooking. I have met a lady and she does amazing digital scrapping and she has given me a lot of info on getting started with digital. I know I will always do traditional scrapping but why can't I at least stir the pot alittle? Here is my first digital layout. I don't like the black scrolly thing in the corner, I am so not even done with this, but I would love your feedback and if you have Ideas on how you would improve this L.O. I want them, and where I would go to do that.

God Bless, Christina

Thursday, November 20, 2008


As many of my long time readers know, I love tea. In my home it is a staple, and there are always reasons to have tea. So I am going to share a few fav's that we have in our home, and why.

1) The most practical tea and also one I make daily in the winter months is for cold and flu prevention and it tastes great. Little Mister has struggled with keeping a strong immune system no matter what time of the year it is. He drinks 1-2 quarts of this tea per day and doesn't even want juice or milk. Now be prepared if you children drink this much tea they will be peeing like crazy. I change lots of diapers, but it is worth it. Herbal teas that are not caffinated are also seen in the body same as water so no more dehydration issues either. I buy all my teas in loose leaf bulk form from the bulk herb store website. They are the cheapest and you get way better quality herbs there than almost anywhere I have found.

Now, what do I put into this mixture?

Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil, and remove from heat and add;

1 tbsp fenugreek seed,- great for the immune system

1 tbsp rose hips-high in vitamin c

1 tbsp spearmint or peppermint leaves- great taste and soothing for the tummy

1 tbsp fennel seed - for upset or gasy tummy's

1 tbsp cammomile flowers- relaxing and a very sweet flavor

1 tsp. lavendar flowers- relaxing

Add in for specific impact:

1 tsp valerian - calms nerves and helps with hyperactiveness

1 tsp echineacea- fights colds and flus

cover and let steep for about ten minutes, I add blue agave nectar to sweeten. If your child is not sick and you are just using this for prevention I would not use echineacea every time and also if you child doesn't have a big problem with hyperactiveness I would not use valerian every time.

This tea is great for everyone and it is tasty. i even gave this tea to my babies at 2 and 3 weeks old. (but not the valerian and echineacea because they are stronger)

Another favorite of mine is just using the Jasmine green tea from the bulk herb store because it is tasty and the aroma makes me feel pampered.

Also the Lavendar flowers and the chammomile flowers is awesome for an evening cup of tea and enjoying a nice hot bubble bath. A great gift idea is to mix both of these herbs, place them in a clear airtight glass jar and package with a teacup and saucer and a ball strainer, you can even add a candle if you like. Click to go to the bulk herb store

This is a picture of the chamomile flowers, and remember these don't weigh much and so a 1/2 pond will equal about 5 cups of dried herbs.

Hope you will try this and let me know how you like it when you do, Christina

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday! Romeo!

Today is a special day for our family of four. Four years ago i gave birth to Big Mister. The Lord gave me this little miracle to make me grow. I needed so much growth mentally and spirtually. I was very selfish and and Big Mister wanted and deserved my attention and my focus to show him that he is the special little boy God intended him to be, and I was entrusted with this treasure to raise him to be God loving till we all meet our savior someday.

Now, about Big Mister,

1) He shines with his smile, his dimples are irresistable and that he gets from his awesome daddy.
2) He is forming his very own personality, he is a teaser and loves to make us laugh with his taunting. Yesterday I went outside and he locked me out of the house. He stood on the inside and just giggled like it was the funniest trick ever. Love it!
3) He has a passion for learning. he enjoys story time and asks a million questions a day searching for information.
4) He is confident and fights for a little more independence daily.
5) Big Mister is a cuddler and loves hugs and kisses and gives it freely as well.
6) He loves doing craft and art projects, playing with trains, and watching movies.
7) We have gotten him a Thomas and friends train set and a carrying case as well as "the fox and the hound" movie. We keep our celebration small and intimate with just the four of us. This year we are going to our McD's which has an awesome childrens area and doing cupcakes and balloons and he will love it!

DW and I are so proud of our Big Mister and wish him all the birthday blessings and more which he deserves.
I hope you love the Picture of our handsome four year old!
God bless you and our Big Mister, Christina

Monday, November 17, 2008

My buddy, Randy!

Our Little Mister is so cute to watch, playing with his little buddy. We bought this "boy" doll for him when he was in the hospital this summer and he loves playing with "Randy" as we call his buddy. He rocks, hugs, kisses, and sits with his buddy. I love that he will even throw him on the floor and wrestle. Who said I need girls in order to play "HOUSE"? Enjoy Rock-a-bye baby!Alittle love goes a long way.

Snack Time with Randy. Me and my friend!
God Bless, Christina