Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is the H word, really?

Okay, I am sure you are all wondering what H word I am referring too. This H word has taken over my life and I want it back with a vengance. It is HORMONE! We women talk about it most of our lves and we attribute many issues mostly bad and uncomfortable to this word HORMONE.
What is it really? It's not an organ like a kidney or liver, and it's not a nerve altho getting on my last nerve. So, is it a cell, a feeling, chemistry? I don't know but I am loosing patience.
I have had migraines and nausea that is greeting me at the throat. I know that my neck and shoulders are out place and need adjusting but that has been the case for months long before getting pregnant and it didn't give migraines. So, my conclusion is that my HORMONES are creating the migraines and the nausea.
Okay I think that's enough ranting About HORMONES for now, if I get myself riled up it will come back to punish me and I am doing fine with the mild throbbing.

I am getting ready for another Weight Loss Challenge and it's getting exciting. I will splitting the class with another coach, which will take alot of the pressure and adds excitement to the class as well. We have had our phones ringing off the hook for days and the response is just fabulous.
we will start the class next thursday and it will go for 12 weeks.
Since I have been down for a good part of the week, I don't have to much happening that is exciting, so I won't bore you with the hum drum of "I am lucky to get a shower before noon, or brush my teeth before the hubs gets home. :(
So have a great day, Christina