Thursday, February 12, 2009

an exciting day!

Today is exciting. I am starting another weight loss challenge along with another coach, and the class is huge and we have a very diverse group of people. Everyone is committed to getting healthy and making positive changes to achieve some great results. The way cool part is that if they are the biggest loser in the class they will win $500.00!
We have all ages ranging from 15 to 70 years old and men and women in the class.

Now on to the next question. Do you have any valentine's day traditions? What are they and how did they start?
I love Valentine's day, but it seems every year it comes and goes and there isn't anything significant about the day. Last year we had planned on watching my sisters three kids so they could go out and celebrate. Our Little Mister had been really sick for several weeks at that point and we didn't feel like we could leave him. Just before we were ready to leave Little Mister took a turn for the worse and we had to take him to the emergency room and they transferred him to a childrens hospital. so that was our valentine's weekend last year.
This year we are on a strict budget and I am happy about that, but I want to celebrate anyway. Any ideas we could do with children on a tight budget, with yucky weather to make the day special?
well have a great day, Christina

Monday, February 9, 2009


Have you all have seen the movie 'Fireproof' yet?
My husband and I meet with a small group for couples twice a month and the focus is to learn about one another and better our marriages through God's word and encouragement. Our group on saturday night watched the movie fireproof. I really wanted to see it and expected something along the lines of 'facing the giants'. I expected wrong, I absolutely loved the movie and the message in it was so well done that I am amazed the secular world kept it in theaters as long as they did.
All of the couples that night could identify with some part of the storyline in one form or another and the discussion after the movie was great.
If you haven't seen the movie, make it an at home date night, or invite some of you're married couple friends over and watch it together.
Enjoy the movie and if you have already seen it let me know what you thought.
Have a great day,