Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have been working on my new heading for what seems like forever. I kept switching pictures and layouts and finally this is the one I stuck with. I may change to another one very similar, but I'm just not sure. Let me know what you think. I thought it would be nice to get some current pics up for you all.
God Bless, have a great weekend!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Weightloss Class!

I know I haven't posted about my weightloss in a couple weeks, but I have been everywhere. (makes me think of that song 'I've been everywhere, man") The previous couple 0f weeks were tough, I was away helping my sister and then it was my birthday, so the 2nd and 3rd week of May was not good. I actually gained 1/2 of a pound. This past week was good however, I lost my half of a pound I gained plus another 2 lbs. Yeah, back on track. I only have 4 weeks left of this challenge and i need to lose a good 10-12 pounds if I stand a chance of winning 1rst or 2nd place in the contest. I need to lose 18.5 lbs to reach my goal that I had set for myself by the end of my 12 week challenge. That would mean 4.3 pounds per week. Unrealistic but if I don't push myself I won't succeed in any goal. I forget the importance of fiber in my diet and so I am pushing for 45+ grams of fiber per day. Each gram of Fiber will eliminate 7 calories of fat from my body. which would total 315 calories per day which is 3/4 pound in a week. so if I do my math I think 72 grams of fiber per day will eliminate a whole pound in a week. I am shooting for a 5 pound loss this week. It is a steep goal, but if I don't shoot big I will miss it completely. Anyway, God Bless & have a great Friday!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Overcoming Debt!

I talked in my last post a little about debt and we are united as a couple in eliminating it as a part of our family. We have a couple options as far as bringing in extra income to devote solely to debt reduction as we have succeded in budgeting my husbands income to pay all our monthly expenses. I have to admit that when DW bought the book 'Total money makeover' by Dave Ramsey and he started listening to some of his cd's, I was scared. I don't know why I should be scared when he is taking his freetime and researching options for our family to become financially free and be able to enjoy our future together with less stress and more options. I realize I have gotten myself into numerous bad habits and I have bonded with those unwise habits. so whenever we are breaking a bond of any sort it does hurt a little and feel uncomfortable.

On this past friday night DW was sitting at the dining room table and he had the notepad and pen and scribbling in silence. I knew it was about to get real scary real quick, but that the pain shouldn't last too long. Whew that was a mouthful. The kids were in bed and the time has come. Time to dig the CREDIT CARDS out of the wallet (not that I had to dig very far) and hand them over to the card slayer. All the cards!! I took pictures of this pivotal moment in our journey towards debt reduction because DW was so enjoying the job of "card slaying" and it wasn't as painful and scary as I thought it woud be. check out the pictures below and hope you too will think of your fianacial future and how it could different or let me know some steps you have already taken towards this endeavor.

Have a great day and God bless,


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stay at home mom, or not?

I have been throwing around the idea of going back to work for a while, and wasn't sure am I abandoning my children by taking them to day care? Is it my calling to remain a SAHM? Can the boys and I juggle day care and homemaker? as you can see I have many questions and there truly isn't a way for me to get a clear answer accept to go for it and see. I have jumped on the bandwagon of getting out of debt with DW and I want to do all I can do to get us there as quickly as possible. I have made the call to my previous bosses to inquire about going back to work part-time and also do a at home business 1-2 nights per week. Do I sound like I'm crazy? Because I really think I can accomplish this and that my boys will still be healthy and normal despite the change in they're routine. DW is great with helping out and trying to have a unit (our family) running smoothly. i will keep you all posted as to what the future will bring.
God Bless, christina

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fabulous Weekend Getaway!

We had an absolute awesome weekend. the Girls spoiled me with attention and surprises for my birthday, and the Hosts were so nice and accomodating. As you can see we had lots of photo op's and we had some great orderves and a little wine tasting that was enjoyed. We all were tickled by my little 9year old niece that went with us. She was busy scrapping along side of us and ishooked on the xyron sticker maker. My sister loved the cricut machine for all her creativwe cutting. This was her first encounter with scrapbooking and she said she's got the 'fever' and she's hooked. My friend Joy has scrapped on several occasions but I think after this weekend she is hooked. Of course My friend Layla and I were just dying to get them all into die hard mode along with us. they are well on the way until about 10pm, then they pooped out on us. We on the other hand were up to about 2am and wished we would have stayed up later because we weren't that tired. We had a great time getting to know one another better and girl talk was a little embarrassing for the 9yr old at times but all in all she thrived well. As you can see by some of the pics we had a few crazy moments. The next weekender is in the process of being planned and we're taking more with us this time.
We were all sad to leave even tho we missed are litle ones and the big guy's as well. I hope everyone else will have a time as rewarding and unforgetable as what we did. God bless and blog again soon, Christina

P.S. I am back and both of my children seem to have chicken pox. My 3year old had a very light case a year and a half ago but evidently not enough because he has a lot now. Little Mister just has a medium case. Haha you probably didn't think you could have small, medium , or large cases huh.
P.S.S. I wanted to try to summ up one of my favorite times in the weekend but it's not sumable, I guess you need to go on a getaway and see how fun it is!!