Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tummy tub!

Although my children are 3 & 1 years old; I wanted to promote a product for infants that was truly a God send. My first son was very colicy and we tried switching different milk bases and gas drops, not to mention the list of home remedies we tried.

"Big Mister was about 6 weeks old and being a first time mother suffering from postpartum more than I wanted to admit; I was exhausted and frustrated. I finally broke down this one particular afternoon, and called my mother and vented my frustration with a screaming baby for hours at that point and many days in a row with the same ritual. I figured she must know something being that she had given birth to 8 children herself. Mom came right over and called a favorite Aunt on the way; she had what I like to call "Baby Magic". My Aunt had a special bathtub that was designed in europe for the purpose of relieving stomach pain and discomforts due to colic or any reason. I used it untill at least 6 months old with "Big Mister" and 10months old with "Little Mister".
I have not hesitated getting the tumy tub out and using it at 3am in the morning or in the middle of dinner. The results were so great that it was worth taking the time to put them in it as opposed to walking the floor for several hours. I am curious to hear what others have to say about this product positive or negative.

I included some pictures so you can see how it works. Also you can see a video and more information on the science of the Tumy tub.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weight loss celebration!

Last night was my final class out of the 12 week weight loss challenge. How it worked was everyone paid $29.00 and that went into a pot. we had a coach assigned to us for support, and at the first class we were weighed and measured. Every week there after we were weighed but not measured again till the end. At the end of the 12 weeks we were all measured and weighed again, the person who lost the most weight by % of body weight would win 1/2 of the registration money, 2 place won 30% and 3rd place won 20%. This has been the most positive weight loss expierience and also the one with the most results.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE................

I came in 2nd place with 10.4% total body weight loss, at 26.8lbs. lost, and 33 3/4 inches lost. I won $150.00 and got a certificate and a ribbon. We also got a piece of ribbon that was the length of the amount of inches lost. That was eye opening just see it for real.

The breakdown of inches lost was; 2in at the neck, 4in upper chest, 4in bust, 4 in below chest, 8 in waist, 5 in hips, 2 1/2 in right thigh, 2in left thigh.

I will be doing the next 12 week weight loss challenge starting april 10th. I would to see others do it along with me and post they're successes. I will post each week on what supplements I took and what exercise I will be implementing. God bless and see you soon!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Honey!

I just recently did this page of my husband for my family scrapbook. DW and I have been together almost 4 yrs and 8 mo. and married for 4yrs. and and a couple weeks. We met at a business meeting and was asked to make a few closing comments; When standing at the front with a room full of people I only saw one face with a spectacular smile. That was the face of my ow husband. You may ask "why is this so special?"; I had never met DW, and the clincher was that he was an Amish man and I was not an amish woman. On my way home I was on the phone with a very close cousin of mine and I told her my infatuations and I think that DW is "The One"! Whoa! I know! I had not even had a conversation with this, in my opinion, gorgeous man, and I was thinking marriage at some point in my life for the rest of my life with him.
If you know anything about the amish faith you'll know they do not take it litely when you leave the faith or if you are an outsider trying to convert one of they're own. I came from an amish background myself and still have a lot of family in the faith and knew very well how difficult the transition would be.
So, I knew he was "The One", but did he? No, he did not! I started just being there as someone he could confide in and of my wheels were always available for his convienience.
Nine months later on the eve before the fourth of july, he told me he was in love with me while on a long telephone conversation. Woo Hoo!! It was 3mo later that he left the amish faith and began his walk with God at my church(non-denominational)another 1 1/2 months later he proposed and we were married 4mo later.
It was a whirlwind and I am just as In Love now as was then if not more and look forward to each new year with my beloved. His smile is still so amazing to me and gives me the same butterflies as the very first time I saw him. As a special gift to him I played a recording of me singing "When you say nothing at all" at our wedding.

This is my love story, and I
would love to hear yours!

... about Big Mister!

Little Mister has been the topic of my latest blogs due to the milestones in his little life lately. I want to introduce "Big Mister" to you in this posting.

He is my first born, I didn't think I was ready for children and yet soon after my husband and I were married we had a surprise; "We're PREGNANT"! Many thoughts and emotions consumed us for a while and we were trying to adjust to being newly married so as you can imagine we were not elated at first. My biggest fear as a young girl was always having a child, Labor and delivery, PAIN! The Lord new why he designed the productive cycle the way he did, it gave us nine months to prepare and be ready for our little bundle.
The day came, we had to be induced a couple weeks early, we did not know what the sex of our child was going to be, that excitment and anticipation was definately what I needed to get me through. 28 hours, no pain medication, hard labor, and ended with a c-section. That was it in a nutshell. We were blessed with a beautiful little boy 8lbs. 6oz. 20 1/2" long. I have such a wonderful husband that was compassionate and understanding when the emotions were up and down and the tears of joy and fear would creep in.

Big Mister was a little boy that new what he wanted and when he wanted it. He had his daddy wrapped around not one but all his little fingers. He has such a zest for life we were also inspired by him to live in the moment, no rules!

He started out loving horses; one of his first words was horse in the dutch language. he was borderline obsessed with the idea of horses. Then he saw the movie cars and developed another passion for cars and would imagine his own race track that resided on the living room coffee table; but his latest and the most passionate love has been for TRAINS. First the thomas and friends collection and then the model trains and now anything that goes choo choo or chugga chugga is fabulous. It has been about a year and he is just as crazy for the trains as he was in the beginning.

Big Mister is a true gentleman at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 years old. He say's please and thank you; your welcome and bless you; i'm sorry and excuse me. He also lets us know if we don't use our manners. I love dressing him like a gentleman and loves being a boy playing in the dirt and and running free.

It has been an adventure so far with Big Mister and we are so proud to have him as our little boy and we look forward to each year to see him grow and learn and to be an encourager to him.

Monday, March 24, 2008

First haircut

Little Mister turned 1 on wednesday the 19th; and it was clearly time for the FIRST haircut. I struggled with this for the simple reason that my little baby is an official toddler. The soft sweet baby face is transfered to a much more grown-up big boy look with an attitude of independence.

I saved every lock of hair, tied half of it with a light blue satin ribbon and the rest in a little clear baggie for his scrapbook. At first Little Mister was just annoyed at being in a chair and Mama touching his head, then he was upset with a few screams, and when Mama still did not heed; he went for an all out meltdown. The job got done, a quick little bath, and then to bed.

I was struck with sadness when indeed my little baby face was no longer, he was fast asleep in his crib and there was my "big boy"!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life with children...

I am truly exhausted after this fun filled weekend with my children, and many other children. First I had Little Mister's first birthday party; I think I'll start from the beginning... My husband was so gracious as to help me with moving the furniture and mopping the house, this gave me the time to bake the cupcakes, bake the carrot cake, and start cooking for about 30 people. The menu was french fries, homemade mac-n-cheese, corn, bbq meatballs, and bread and jam. I decided to make the punch out of sprite and tang, delicious! Then of course cake and ice cream. The party was set for 5pm, Little Mister started crying about 4pm because his gums are hurting trying to break in 4 1yr molars at once; yes FOUR!! half of my guests were about 45 minutes late, and Little mister is still screaming. We let everyone eat while we gave tylenol and motrin, oragel and tender loving care. At about 6:30pm we put him in the bath tub to see if that would help, and it did. So, we moved the party into the bathroom. Several guests had brought him bath toys for his gifts so we opened presents and gawked at a naked little boy playing in the water. One toy was a "musical water dolphin set (which he loves and is very cute) and the other was a bath time bubble maker. It is way cool check it out at this website.
At this time of approx 7:15 pm we had a relatively happy child, clingy, but we can make it work. We gave him his cake and preceeded to destroy it very slowly with a spoon because he apparently doesn't like yucky's. Now it's in the tub again for a quick wash down and then open the gifts. Whew! i think I'm worn out all over again.

Now it's Easter sunday and we were to church on time and enjoying the service till about 10min to the end. An usher tapped on my shoulder and I went to the nursery where Little Mister was screaming yet again for the gums were swollen and quite painful. We snuck him out the side door of the church as not wanting to traumatize anyone else. We did the no no and held him in the backseat all the way to Grandma's house. Our Easter dinner was fun I had the idea to have a salad bar! Everyone brought different vegi's and salad toppings and then added roasted fingerling potatoes and a fruit and chocolate fondue spread. It was healthy and delicious. The dishes are done and the children are restless for the big "hunt"! since we were surprised with a snow storm on good friday, we had the easter egg hunt inside and everyone was still happy.

Ohh I almost forgot the most emotional expierience of the weekend...
Little Mister's 1rst Haircut!!!
I will do a post on this tommorrow along with pictures!
I hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Easter!