Friday, June 27, 2008

Feel good friday! and Foto Friday!

I love my origional Foto Friday and want to stay with it, but I also love what Mommy etc.. is doing with Feel good Friday. So I am doing both.

For feel good friday we need to write about what makes us feel good or what we are thankful for.

For starters I am going to go with the most recent blessing, My Aunt Esther called on Wednsday and offered her assistance since she knew I have been busy with sick kids and am probably a little behind. I was so grateful for the help. She turned my whole livingroom (which is huge) upside down and scrubbed my walls and floors (by hand), she dust, washed windows, and vaccumed my couches. As if that wasn't enough while Little Mister was sleeping it gave me a chance to pick strawberries (another 13 qts.) and Big Mister loves Aunt Esther too, and she sat down with him and gave him attention and let him babble about his trains that meant the most! I was able to take a shower and actually shave my legs since she was watching the boys. she came with little presents for both of the boys, which they didn't pay so much attention to yesterday, but it was the first thing they played with today. I am grateful al the help and I went one day with out getting whiplash from going in a million directions.

I am grateful for a wonderful husband, I would not be the mother or wife that I am with out him being such a rock for me.

I am ever so grateful for my weightloss coach, Amanda is so much fun and she makes the journey a little brighter and now she is helping me get started with my own weightloss class and teaching all about being a coach.

These are just a few of the things that make me feel good this friday! Check out Mommy etc... and join mr linky for Feel Good Friday!

Now for Foto Friday!

Our town has a little celebration each year and this year they had a hot air ballon show at the airport. We got some great pictures and am sure you all will think so too. It was a gorgeous night but a little breezy and so not many balloons could go up but we still enjoyed ourselves.
By the way I have another post below this one for today as well, God Bless, Christina

I was so surprised and excited to get my first blogging award. I recieved this from Lisa over at busy mom of 4. I was given this award for documenting my weightloss efforts on my blog. I only hope that there was someone else out there that was inspired to be in the best health they can be through my journey. Thank you Lisa for this very sweet award.
Now I will choose some of my awesome blogging buddies to give this award too:
1: Purple teacup she has such a great sense of humor and I always love waiting to hear what she is coming up with next.
2: Jackie what a sweet mother and wife, I love reading her blog because she is so real and I can relate, I feel like I know her outside the blog world, natural sweetheart.
3: Wendi I learn and grow every time I read her blog. She is so true to the things that matter most in life (her faith and family) and she stretches me in those areas with her amazing writing.
4: Elizabeth I wasn't going to give her this award because she just got it and she combine this in her post if she wants too. Her blog is a must read for me, not only because she is my cousin, but she is also my friend by choice. I love her spirit and attitude with each new day even when there are unexpected surprises good or bad. She handles her battles and victories with such grace and so she deserves this award a second time.
5: Manuela This is bloggy buddy through our individual weight loss journeys and she is so much fun, I love her gardens and and she is over half way through her weight loss. great job and enjoy your award!
And now, for my incredible winners, the rules for my five nominees:
1. Pick five (5) blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award (
I hope you all love your awards and have a great day, Thanks Lisa and God Bless, Christina

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weight loss Class!

Hi all you blogging weight loser's out there. I am so sorry haven't been very dedicated with this every week. I have been so side tracked with sick children that I haven't tracked my progress the last few weeks. I have missed the last 2 weigh in's since I was in the hospital with Little Mister and finally got to go tonight. I have one more weigh in for this challenge. I think I just might reach my goal.
But, for now and tonight I am excited to say I have lost another 6.5 lbs and have my official 45lbs lost button on my sidebar. Next week we will have our final weigh in and measurments and see who the winners are. I am pretty sure I will at least be 3rd place, but tam hoping for 2nd. I have fearce competition with a husband and wife team, they both have lost a good amount of weight. They had made a decision that weight loss isn't an option it is a choice and you just do it. Which brings around a point I have learned and have been pondering on the past week. I started my journey on January 2nd thinking all was going to be roses because "I" decided to lose weight. But it has been the complete opposite, instead I have had a lot of obstacles (children in hospital 5 times, wknd getaways, holidays, etc.) in achieving my goal, and have had to remain very focused on the end result. I love attention and am sure it is f no surprise to many friends and family who read this blog, and when I achieve my levels of sucess and start looking better I get attention and that is a driving force for me to reach (ultimately) my end goal of 106.9lbs by the end of 2008! So everyone can just keep up the good work of praise and tooting my horn. I love it!

I will be very excited to post my results next week!
God Bless, Christina

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Books, books, and more

Hi, I have sat down several times today to chat with you all, and somehow always get distracted. I have been on a mission to do small things on my to-do list first, and then I will be so encouraged and inspired through my victory of accomplishment that I will get my larger to-do's done.
So what have I gotten done today that was small? BOOKS! I condense the boys' toys down every spring since they just don't play as much inside anymore and decided that all books that they have are too heavy for the wire shelving that we were using , but would work great for a couple toys per shelf. It would eliminate the large toy box and allow just enough toys that I won't be spending hours picking up after them or trying to get them to pick them up. Dilema! Where do I put the books? DW says he can make me a short stack book shelf and it would make a cute little nook area with they're rocking chair. That was the end of MARCH and since then they have been in cardboard boxes in my entry room, WELCOME! I was no longer having it.
The other area of annoyance for me is the boys' bedroom. I have these 2 great narrow solid wood bookshelves and I have been using them for blankets and baskets for the socks and shoes, bibs and so forth. I did a somewhat larger project that has taken two days. I organized the dressers so the outgrown winter clothes were out and the summer clothes were in, and condensed the blankets and the baskets to where I now have three EMPTY SHELVES! BINGO!BOOKS! I am breathing a little slower and feel like by taking baby steps with small projects, I have accomplished a large task. I have after pictures here for you and if you are wondering why there is a cut off cardboard box on oneof the toy shelves, its because I need to find a basket that I can put the simple little 'golden books' books in. YEAH for me!

My next area is organizing all the clothes from newborn to now that the boys don't wear in rubbermaid totes by clothing size so I know exactly where to go if someone wants to borrow and when Little Mister grows into big Misters clothes. I take pretty good care of they're clothes and throw away any with stains so it's worth storing.

By the way I have been using a stain remover that is color safe and is a miracle with clothing stains and am no longer able to get it any more. I am at a loss on what to buy that actually works on all stains. Any ideas? I am desperate for something very soon. I have boys ya know.

Also I am going to take pictures of my pathetic bedroom and work on getting it too look like my haven or love nest what ever floats your boat. I am going to try and get it done in the next 2 weeks. Ask me about it so I don't let it go.

Any way have a great wednsday and we'll see you soon. Christina

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Succotash Tuesday...

Tuesday is here again and boy has it been a doozy so far. I was up very late last night. My strawberry patch has been ignored for obvious reasons ans they were over ripe. DW started picking at 5:30 pm and stopped at 10:00 pm with 1/3 of the patch left to do. I was able to get 40 quarts cleaned and in the freezer for the winter and ready for jam. We unfortunately picked another 28 quarts but they had all spoiled on the bushes still and had to be dumped. How sad I was. but what could I do. i had so much on my plate for today spending another 1 1/2 hours picking wasn't going to happen. I called my big sis and said if you pick you can have em. She was happy to get 20quarts picked to take home. all total this season so far my patch that started with 50 plants two years ago has produced a total of 120 quarts and about 30 of them were thrown away. I expect I will still get about 10-15 quarts.

I finally scrubbed my bathroom down really well. I have ceramic tile with WHITE grout and this is not easy to clean or keep clean. I found some magic cleaner and am excited to see white again.

I have finally organized the boys' closet and dressers, I still had all of the winter stuff in there. How terrible is that. I ferel like I can breeze a little better now since I have 2 area's in my house breathing again.

Oh, for all of you health nuts out there. I have tons of oatmeal and wasn't sure what to make for dinner and was feeling rather lazy to put it honestly. What on earth can you cook in under 30 minutes and healthy? PANCAKES! Pancakes you may say is not healthy. You are right, but I have all this oatmeal and I thought maybe I could just throw it in my pancakes instead of that flour stuff. My best bud Layla was here and it did NOT sound very appetizing to her so she said I better call the Big Sis. Well turns out she had a recipe that she always uses and it is mostly made of oatmeal. They were so yummy and Layla even liked them. so here's how I made them.
Oatmeal Pancakes
First boil 1 1/4 cup water and put in bowl.
then add 2tbsp. honey or maple syrup and stir in 2 cups oatmeal.
Let that set while you mix the rest of the ingredients.
Mix 1 cup flour (you can use some soy or whey protien powder
for part of your flour) then add 2 tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp oil and 2 large eggs a pinch of salt
and about 1-2 tsp vanilla
mix in oatmeal mixture and add 1 1/4 cup milk.
for best cooking results use a flat pancake griddle that is non-stick
at 300-350 degrees. after pouing batter onto the griddle I sprinkled with
bluberries that I had in the freezer from picking last summer. Delicious.
These are now low in gluten and high in fiber and protien, I had 2 pancakes about 4" in diameter and 2 eggs with a about 3 oz of my homemade canned deer and turkey bologna. I know I had my 35 grams of protien and stayed with in my 600 calorie mark for dinner.
Little Mister's doctor visit confirmed that things are healing, slowly but moving towards progress. His bloodwork came back that his Immune system is right where it should be, and no serious abnormalties in the infection level of his body. He has a great appetite now and is playing better than he has for weeks possibly even months. Doctor's say he just drew the wrong straw and so unfortunately he get's sick more than other kids.
I have enjoyed spending a part of my tuesday with you all and will be you you again soon, god Bless, Christina

Monday, June 23, 2008

A mother's love.

I am going to have a "Being real" moment. I just can't seem to get back to my normal self since we have come home the hospital. I just feel this gloomy cloud hanging over me and I'm having a hard time telling it to go away and relax.
I have a lot of guilt even tho I know I wouldn't have changed a thing about the decisions I have made. We, as mothers love our children so much and we want to protect, love and nurture them. I have had so many people ask "Didn't you get the vaccine for the chicken pox?" No, No, and No! I wouldn't change this decision now more than ever since I am very pro-life and that vaccine as well as another common one is made from abborted fetuses (babies), but I also know for the most part that chicken pox is harmless as far as lasting effects to the child same as what the flu would be. Why all the drama and guilt? Well it appears that little Mister's big infection is from a pox spot getting very infected and causing lots of trauma for his little body. Now, an average child could most likely have fought this but little Mister's body at this point can't. I have been in a mode since wednsday night to try and tell myself that even tho he is crying and desparately wanting me and his daddy to rescue him from all the blue gloved folks with sharp things, that this is going to tell us what is wrong and he will get better because of this. It is now, that I am home I can't forget his little cries and sad faces and I can almost feel his pain and trauma. I am so grateful that I don't have a child that has to be hospitalized for cancer and have many surgical procedures done. I can only see a glimpse of what those parents must feel.
Then on the other side of all this I feel so heartbroken for my Big Mister. He is so tender hearted and knew that baby brother was sick and he would say his sweet little prayers for Little Mister to get better, but he was hurting too and he couldn't understand why Mommy and Daddy were gone for so long. He was with his cousins and my sister where he loves to be, but he still hurt and tried to hide his pain. I went to see him on the second day for a couple hours and I came bearing gifts, but he was still so upset with me, I knew he couldn't help it but I wanted to help him and he wouldn't let me.
I am sure I am not the only mother in the world who loves her children, and I know many would say that I should not feel guilty and I shouldn't take it personally at how Big Mister responded to us then, and when we got back (it wasn't good). But we do anyway!
I know that God is always there and he has a plan, I will start my week out knowing this and to shower healthy attention onto both of my boy's. My week is promising to be very busy and I know my area of weakness, which tends to be too focused on my to-do list instead of telling it to sit tight from time to time.

In answer to what is behind the infection in a nutshell; one of his pox on the side of his head became infected. With what, or how we have no answer yet. I will find out some more results from his labs in the next day or so. The seemingly most important information at this point is from the labs done to find out more about his immune system. If he has a component missing from his defense system than even the simplest cold will knock his immune system even more and then food allergies even more and the the bacteria's and viruses just keep stacking against his body to where we can't get ahead. In which if that is the case it isn't one particular condition that he has had it is several separate issues and we need to be extra cautious about treating the smallest thing immediately instead of thinking his body will work it out like it does for the average person.

I appreciate all of your genuine concerns and well wishes, Thank You.
I hope everyone has a great Monday and God Bless, Christina

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're finally home.

It feels like we have been gone a long time. We went to the ER wednsday night with Little Mister because he had a large wound above his left ear about the size of a dime, and it was swollen around it about 2 inches in diameter and very painful. Since he has had so much swelling and inflamation issues already we were a bit scared at the possibilities of this problem. we were admitted to the childrens hospital about 2:30am thursday morn after a catscan determined no tumors or hard bone growths. He had a bad infection and is enemia score from the labs were very low. They were very concerned about his past history and finding wha would make one child have so many infections and illnesses. They hadhim on IV antibiotics every 4 hours and then they unhooked him so he wouldn't feel so restricted. because of the chicken pox and the contagious infection that can get into wounds called MERSA they kept him quarantined in his room. They brought many videos and toys so he stayed occupied. They are waiting on labs that will will give more insight into his immune system and if he has all the components needed to fight off viruses and bacteria. After 3 days in a hospital room I think I was going a little stir crazy, I missed my Big Mister and I needed to move around beyond a 12 x 12 room, and i was in dire need of a shower instead of a sink sponge bath after 3 days. We came home saturday afternoon and Little Mister is tickled to be in his own environment again.

He came to know what the scrubs and blue glove people were there to do.. poke and prod and take his blood and try over and over to get his blood. He is very hard to draw from and it was to watch. He also figured out which people with scrubs were just the housekeepers and loved them. I wanted to tease him and see what he would think if i put on the blue gloves, he was not humored at all and wanted nothing to do with me as long as I had the gloves on. It was too funny.

I hope you all enjoy your sunday and I will be visiting you all soon. God Bless, Christina
The little doll in the picture is named Randy and is a learning doll that we bought him from the gift shop and he loves him.

Making a difference...

***This post is sticky, so just scroll down for my daily post***

As many of you are aware, an aquaintance of mine through cousins and my aunt and now a blogging friend has had the misfortune of going to a doctors visit with the anticipation of hearing the heartbeat of the child that is so loved even in the early stages of it's life; and hearing the heartbreaking diagnosis that this child that is so loved already, will not be born. I encourage you to first read her thoughts here on how she felt receiving the news. I know I have never met a more sincere wife and mother, one who her love for Christ is so evident in all she does.

The amazing part of Wendi's story is that this is not the first heartbreak that she has endured. She also gave birth to twin boys very premature. After ten days the oldest of the two little darlings had gone to be with the Lord. If you click here Wendi will take you through her journey of loss and peace that God is in control.

Wendi has an amazing blog that is always a must read for me because she is so encouraging and open with her faith and the daily struggles in life and how God gets her through.

My cousin Elizabeth is a personal friend of Wendi and her husband Dave, and together we have been so inspired by the grace that is displayed by this couple and we wanted to give back in a way that would touch they're hearts in a loving way. I think I can speak for Wendi and say that 'The march of dimes" is where Wendi's heart beats strongly. I understand that she is a huge supporter of the foundation. Elizabeth and I are teaming up with all of you blogging mothers out there to make a difference in Wendi's life and in other mothers who may go through this heartbreaking expierience. We have set up a link so anyone can donate to The March of Dimes in honor of Wendi's unborn child. Keep in mind no donation is to small.

If you could post a blog about the donations to The March of Dimes in honor of Wendi's baby and leave a comment saying you have put a link on your blog that would great.

Here is the link to donate to 'The March of Dimes!
We will be running this for 2 weeks.

God Bless everyone,