Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Y!

I had my first doctors appointment yesterday. The routine is pretty much the same as anyone's first pre-natal visit. I did however get my first ultrasound to check that everything is growing the way it needs to be. The doctor saw me and did her thing, then the ultrasound took place, and last the blood draws. I always hate the blood draw. I am a whimp by nature and I get all qweezy at the sight of a needle. I am however doing better as I refrained from threatening the tech.
I was glad to finally go forward, and start the care of our new baby and be in pregnant Mama mode. It just doesn't always seem as real till you start your pre-natal routine.
Seeing the baby in the ultrasound made it more than real, it started a bond. I have two gorgeous boys and I am very prideful of that, and I would love a baby girl. However, I can't place my order and I am quite certain by the way this pregnancy is going it will be another boy. I have been having a hard time with this up to this point. When I saw those short little feet kick, and the arms waving, I new it doesn't matter I will love this child just as much whether a boy or a girl. I am not sure at this point if we are going to find out the sex of the baby. part is my own hormones creating insecurities and part is the lack of maturity in people I come in contact with. I feel like the outcome of the sex of my baby is going to place the value of my child. If that makes any sense, and i will just leave it at that.
I am a full 13 weeks, with two due dates. According to my cycle it is July 28, but according to the size of the baby it is August 2nd. I am a scheduled cesearen, so I will be delivering on a monday or tuesday before my due date. Depending on the strength of my uterus and contractual activity will determine how early.
Big mister was excited that I was going to the doctor, but he thought I was bringing the baby home. We had to explain that the baby is still growing and the doctor was just checking on the baby. very cute tho.
Well that's all the news for now, have a great wednesday,