Saturday, April 26, 2008

Three year old victory's and rewards!

It's been 10 days since we started potty training. It has been the easiest mothering task yet. When we tried a year ago we were not getting anywhere. I new he wasn't ready and wasn't going to push him. That was the best decision for both me and Big Mister. He his so proud of himself, he puts himself on the potty and takes himself back off. We put regular underwear on him at home and pull-ups when we go away and a diaper at night for a few more nights. I gave stickers for each time he went pee pee and he would but it on a little chart on the wall, and when he went poo poo successfully he got to choose a present from the present bag hanging on the bathroom door. Today he was able to enjoy and decorate his rewards. I got these little wooden toys in the craft department at wal-mart for .88 cents and he loves them. I also got a new crayon from liqui-mark that is awesome. It is six crayons in one and easy to hold.

Then I put a couple of 'golden books' in and suckers. He loved the rewards system and it has been a positive expierience for us all. Here are some pictures for you to see how much he liked his rewards.

Friday, April 25, 2008

weight loss class!

It is my second weigh-in and I was not surprised but still disappointed. I did not lose any this week. I'll focus more this week and expect good results next week.

Some awesome and important tips I learned from the class for week three;
1) Eat breakfast, and eat it within 45minutes of getting up. Your metabolism will not burn calories all day no matter how much exercise you do that day if you do not eat within 45 minutes of waking up.
2)For women you should not consume less than 1200 calories per day or you will go into starvation mode and cling to your fat.
3)Any amount of cardio first thing in the morning will give your metabolism a great boost.
4) Drink lots of green tea. A good quality green tea will burn calories and increase your metabolism.
5)Also know that your body can only absorb 35 grams of protien at a time, so stretch it out throughout your day to get the full benefit.
6)Remember that no matter what you do to burn calories and fat, if don't eat within 45 minutes of waking you will not burn calories all day!!!

Everyone out there trying to lose weight, keep up the hard work and don't lose focus! We can do it!


It's a happy 1rst Birthday for little tulip over at
hop on over and see the beautiful pictures and send a wish her way.

Happy birthday Tulip!

Mom, Mommy, Mother, Mama cont..

This morning is a fresh new day and so I want to bring out my fresh new outlook as well. Although I know I am not the perfect mother I do know my children love me and they feel very loved by me. A few tips that got our family to the good place where we are now; One, I took time outs a lot. A few hours away here, a weekend with the girls, and of course the most important, time away with my husband. The fact that we were parents, didn't mean we were'nt newlyweds anymore.( I still hang onto that title after 4 years) Two. I took care of myself each day , brush my teeth, take a quick shower, go into town for walks, go shopping (love the strollers). Three. I loved to pamper myself. Bubble baths, candles, tea, a good book, and a little chocolate.

I have two little boys now, our second child was planned. the transition was much smoother and I believe it is a great part due to I was prepared, prepared and ready for the changes. We all know that our mind has the capabilities to tear us up emotionaly. I have a great relationship with both of my boys, I think I have the most handsome, funny and special children that god has put on this earth, despite my personal struggles. I hope this encouraging and the tips will help, always remember it is okay to think about you too.
God bless, christina

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mama

I have been really diving into blogs this week and getting to know others out there that I can connect with. I am Mama to two beautiful little boys now and love them so much. The more time I get away to myself for a couple hours at a time the more it seems I love them. But there is another story I want to briefly tell because I discovered that I am not the only one out there that has felt like this and it might be a consolation to another Mama that has struggled the same way and desires to know that she is worthy to be called Mama, Mom, Mother, or mommy anyway.

I got pregnant right away and my husband and I wanted to wait 3-5 years before having children. we wanted to be together and travel and have those sweet intimate moments at the cafe' in town and those relaxing sunday afternoons together and learn how to be 'married'. Instead we were pregnant and both very upset about it and I was working full time and exhausted to the point I would sleep my whole evening away continuously. I was retaining water and self concious (sorry that word isn't looking right to me but oh well) about the weight gain (since it has always been a battle for me). We finally after some very frustrating talks between the two of us, started to get a little excited by around 6months of pregnancy. Our dear precious baby boy was born and I had suffered a lot of trauma in my delivery and ended with a c-section after about 28 or so hours of labor without an ephidural! yah you can say it, "phsyco". I know, but I was fearful of all things unknown. I brought this beautiful baby home and he had severe colic, and I couldn't figure out how to breast feed right, and I'm the Mama and I can't get my own baby to stop screaming. I spent my first christmas dinner with my inlaws when he was 3 weeks old and I was in a bedroom all day bouncing him and getting pity looks to the point where I felt like I am not a fit mother. Are you surprised post-partum sunk in? It was serious, and I was so embarrassed because my mom talked to me about it before I gave birth, and it happened anyway. I hid it from my new husband of 9 1/2 months, I didn't want him to think he married someone weak that couldn't even take care of his baby. DW (my hubby) would kiss me good bye in the morning when he'dleave for work and before he was out the door I was silently sobbing, wondering "how am I going to get through this day?". After a few months I started expressing myself hoping for a solution. DW was so understanding and never pointed fingers, he showed me love and understanding unconditionally.
Being a mother has been the hardest thing i've ever done, but also the relationship with big Mister now is the most rewarding. He helped me grow and taught me far more than I can put into words.

I ran into several blogs that really brought to the surface the raw emotions I still have in becoming a new mother. The selfishness within me is what I struggle with in forgiving myself. I was given the following link on grace and it touched me very much. So if you feel like your not the mother you ought to be more than likely your child doen't feel that way. Read this article, I'm sure it will help.

Hope this is of help and not just a rambling on.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I will keep your reading short tonight. I am ever so tired, I feel like I should never have gotten out of bed this morning and no amount of caffiene has been able to revive me from my half-vegitative state today. Big Mister is sick today so he has been laying around asking for tea and went to bed early. Little Mister was grappling at my apron strings every time I walked past him within a ten foot radius. he is teething on 4 molars and is very whiny. As for me I think I am coming down with something as well. I hope it is short lived, there is yardwork, scrapbooking, flowers to plant, garden to plant and the normal housework to do. Whew I am tired all over again. I have been reading many new blogs and am relating to so many of you out there. I think that should be considered as some form of therapy. My sisters always saw me as tough growing up, I didn't cry much and I would just "deal with it". What happened, I feel like everything good or bad brings on the tears. I feel like a big cry baby, Maybe I'll just blame that on having kids and hormobnes too. The reason I bring this up is, so many stories I read are touching and inspiring and I get all teary eyed and others I relate with so well and remember how it was to be in that place in my life and cry about it all over again. Oh well, clears the sinuses! haha.

Have a good night, God Bless

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have taken up the challenge to write about where my passion lies. I love this challenge because it has made me stop and think about that for a few days. Passion is a strong word and I don't want to take it to lightly, I want to convey what is truly inside the core of me.

I want to start with what makes me think of my redeemer and creator and why I love him so; nature. I see all the tree's in bud and the tulips are in blossom, the soothing sounds of water meeting the sands of the shore, and the gentle breeze whispering through the trees in the forest. The majestic mountain range to the rolling valley ready to embrace and protect. The songs of the birds in the air and the colors of the rainbow deep in the sea. So much beauty all around us. How can I not be passionate about my Lord whom I willingly serve? How can I not be passionate about the one who has given me the gift of eternal life?

I see the innocent eyes of my little angels and hear the sweet "I love you's" and again I am reminded of how precious life is and that I have been given the ultimate gift and privelage of caring for these children that my heavenly father has lent to me. This too is where my passion lies.

The privelage of caring for these little darlings is not mine alone. I have the joy of being a wife to a husband who loves unconditionaly, serves selflessly, and possesses character honorable to God. He is such a wonderful father, and I enjoy watching the interaction between him and our boys. This too is where my passion lies.

When I think of where else my passion lies; I am quick to say scrapbooking, photographing, gardening, and the list of hobbies continue. It is true I love all those things but what gets me more excited and focused are the details of going to and having Tea parties. The enjoyment of a group of ladies coming together and serving them treats and pampering them with the sights of candles burning, flowers in a vase, lace and china, and of course the wonderful aromas and flavors of the Tea. It's not the tea in itself, it's the gathering and fellowship that it encourages. The planning process and anticipation of the event is what brings the passion with in to the surface. It's been awhile since my last Tea party and this has reminded me of how much it is a part of who I am and I am challenging myself to planning another Tea party again soon.

I hope you all can see what truly is my passion and how it is different from things I 'love'.

God Bless,


Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Madness

I hope I don't sound completely crazy, but it seems when the weekend is over and I have tried to cram every little event into those two days as much as possible, somehow by sunday night, I feel like I have completely sat around the last couple days and so I need to do a whole list of duties that could fill a week up; into one day, MONDAY! This brings me to Monday Madness!

I try to enjoy the morning with the kids, and remember, Oh I should balance the checkbooks, write out any bills, check my e-mail, call my sisters, wash the laundry and pile all the clean clothes on the sofa (because that will motivate me to fold it sooner) haha!! Now that we have come this far it's noon; time to feed the kids and put them both down for naps. Whew, finally I can relax a little.

The best way for me to relax is plant some more flowers! I purchased some more perennials this weekend that I am excited to share about. One is a 'Flax sapphire', and the other is 'soapwort'. These both like sunny areas and will come up each year which is what I am trying to plant the most of this year.

I planted those and some outdoor Ivy and went back inside to finish the dishes and laundry.
This evening after dinner and the hubby was home, we went out to rotortill the garden and we have planted about 60 ft of sugar snap peas, 60 ft of sweet peas, and about 45 ft of jade green beans. I have to tell you the jade green beans are from gurneys and it is the only kind that we all love and
that I will freeze. It grows super well and produces a ton. all in all my day has been satisfactory and productive. We are excited to plant the rest of our garden throughout this week. I have ordered my summer squash (my favorite of all the squashes besides butternut) and beets seeds and should get those in a couple days. Our favorite sweet corn is the 'peaches and cream', it is super delicious. I have rambled on long enough so I will see you in the blog world again tommorrow.
God bless, Christina

P.S. Don't forget to check out the blog birthday bash, just click on the link on the side of my blog.
P.S.S. Also for anyone remembering and wondering, today is day 5 of potty training and he is doing awesome.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This is such a fabulous way to celebrate your childs birthday. A blog birthday party!
Check out this blog and leave a comment, there are tons of cool prizes you can win and check some of the websites out as well. I have and love some of the neat toys out there.

Some of my favorites are: