Thursday, August 14, 2008

serving others....

It is no secret that I love presents and the royal treatment. But I think I can say I balance that with the desire to serve others as well. I like to do things for others that I know will be something that they will see as a treat and not what I may see as valuable. The bible also talks about serving him and serving others that they may see the hand of god at work. I was just listening to family life radio the other and a lady had called in about her being intentional about going to church and living it throughout the week even tho her husband was not willing to go. They're marriage was not going well, but the change in her, being intentional about serving Christ had her husband convinced he at least needed to go to church and see what kind of man could make a change in his wife like this. Now back to my point of talking about serving;
I say this because I just got done throwing a couple of cherry pies in the oven. I don't particularly enjoy baking nor am I the greatest at it. With a good amount of effort I can accomplish a great pie tho. Our neighbor Don has been so great to us this summer, he cut the bordering fence and rides is lawn mower over and mowes for us from time to time when he knows we aren't able to because we're on vacation or in the hospital or just plain busy. This takes him all of 20 minutes with his riding mower but it saves us about 2 hours of push mowing. we appreciate that he has helped us and has never expected anything in return, but we still want him to know how well we have appreciated this. So I made him a pie, and my dear sweet husband is getting a pie too, with all the sugar and butter and calories for him to enjoy! Although this is not a task I enjoy especially, I do it with joy knowing that others will appreciate and its for them that I do it. I would like to challenge myself and anyone else who wants to take up on the challenge to think less about ourselves and more about how we can serve. I love Randy Carlesons broadcasts about being intentional.

The other day I talked a bit about making sweet pickled banana peppers and Manuela has requested the recipe. So I am posting it for all to enjoy.

Sweet pickled banana peppers
Wash and cut banana peppers into rings, cut 9 cloves of garlic into quarters, stuff 8 oz. or pint jars with peppers and garlic. Bring your brine to a rolling boil and pour over peppers. clean the tops of the jars and put your lid and ring on tight and it should seal on its own.
1 quart vinegar
2 quarts water
1/4 cup sugar or honey
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp alum

So I better get my laundry done and tidy up before my Little Mister gets up from his nap. God Bless, Christina

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it wednesday?

Really, Is it Wednesday, already? I feel like i just float from one day to the next and the weeks of the summer are just flying by. I am enjoying my days with the boys and have so many things I still want to do with them this summer. Like going to the zoo as a family, it would be Little Mister's first day at the zoo and he will love it, and go to the lake and enjoy all the great things that sand and sun has to offer. I also want to go on a romantic picnic with my husband and be selfish with his time and not share him for a selected window of time.
Today I enjoyed the good times in the sun with my Grandma, and doing a little gardening for her. I needed to condense my strawberry patch and so she asked if she could have just a few plants to enjoy some fresh berries next summer. I of course said yes. We made a date and I loaded the boys and sited in my project. I was taking it one step at a time so I would accomplish the project that had her seal of approval. I pull out brush, and worked up the ground with a shovel, and found some scrap wood for a box about 12 feet long and 2 feet wide and ten inches high. I was handy enough to do a little hammer job with those pieces and set on top of the worked area. i then proceeded to take a huge huge wheelbarrow out into the horse pasture (it had to at least 500 ft away) and fill it with great compost. It was after I had filled it and feeling quite proud that the challenge came. The one front tire was flat! I had to lift one side higher to balance my load on the other tire with out tipping it and push it back all 500 feet plus!!! I was proud when I came back tho because grandma's getting a strawberry patch. grandma came out to see the progress and figured 2 more loads will probably fill the box.......... I did a double take remembering a few short moments ago the journey that I had just finished, I played it cool tho and as I was emptying the wheelbarrow secretly praying that God would not let me reach the bottom before the box was filled knowing the journey ahead if it did. Well, another trek I made, and I better make it full so that I won't have to make a third trek. The box was filled and I used lawn fabric to avoid weeding for her and tacked it all down securely, and planted the precious strawberry plants. I pray that they flourish and she gets a great crop next summer. My hands are caloused and my back is sore but I enjoyed every minute of my time (seriously) as some day I won't have the chance to spend time with her anymore.
I promised that I would grab a specific special daughter of her's and my mom and come back in the fall and replant her flower bed and till t up nice, I of course haven't told my mom or this special daughter of this yet so we'll keep it our little secret for now till I figure a way to do a little sweet talkin'.
A great day and i hope your's was too, God Bless, Christina

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Succotash Tuesday!

I have really been enjoying my new scrapbooking corner. I borrowed my friends cricut machine and went to town on some of the pictures for Little Misters first year scrapbook. I posted some pictures but for some reason the quality that is uploaded really ruins the vibrancy of my colors.

I have on my agenda for today to can some mild banana peppers in sweet garlic brine and I will cut them in rings so that they can be used in salads, sandwiches and on pizza or plain.
Also, I will be pulling some of my strawberry plants to replant in a raised bed for my grandma. She just wants to be able to pick some fresh strawberries to enjoy and not have to go through all the work of having a patch that produces enough to freeze. I will use lawn fabric also so she won't have to weed as much either. i am hoping that it will turn out just great.
and of there is the laundry that I did'nt get done yesterday.
I am constantly reminded that the value that is placed on a child depends on who they're parents may be, or what personality they might have, are they hyper, or are they quiet as mice. Do they have the cutest little face or say and do the most adorable little things. When I here people make general statements about a child that attacts they're worth, whether the child here's it or not I can not help but hurt for that little one. I am talking children of all ages, toddlers to 10 or 11. But occasionaly, and it is getting more frequent than before the children hear and feel that they aren't as important as the boy with a cool father, or the little girl that isn't chubby. This is a burden that I alone cannot take on and fix and I understand that they're are nasty people out there that will always be like this; but when it starts affecting my family and extended family I get a huffy and my blood starts simmering abnd eventually comes to a rolling boil. I detest the fact that people think they can pick one sibling and label them more important or special and another sibling considered having a lower worth. All children are created equally by God and are a blessing some children just have special needs and when given the proper amount of attention and love in a manner they are able to recieve that love they are then able to overcome some of those special needs. This is an issue that through god's grace I will no longer tolerate. I knew this would be a heavy subject but it is one that I needed to talk about to avoid the 'rolling boil'.
i hope you all have a blessed day, Christina