Friday, May 16, 2008

Weight loss victory!

My wonderful dear friend Amber is not a blogger but we are in the same weight loss challenge. She has finally applied a very simple and basic principle called the food log and WOOHOO she lost 3.5 pounds this week. I have all the faith in her that she will accomplish her goal and she is ever so beautiful inside and out. I am very proud of her and this great step to becoming healthier.

Bring the rain!

I was passing the time this morning as the children were up early. I was out blogging and visiting and ran into this blog. I was so moved and inspired, how can anyone out there not believe in God and that is the master and the creator of all. The spirit of God was so felt in the story that I read in this blog I feel like it has changed me. I read a book series by Karen Kingsbury; and in this one book called 'summer' there was a similar story that after reading it I felt like it was so real and I was grieving for the loss in the story. Well, this is a real life story, with real people, drawing real strength from they're Lord. How can we not be inspired? I would like to encourage you to click over to these links and be inspired along with me. The women sharing her story is named Angela, I know that God is going to continue to use her and her family to help others grow in they're faith or come to know they may have a personal relationship with God, and will gain strength through him.

God Bless and have a great Friday, Christina

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The inner clock of children...

I wonder is there an inner clock for children? After last night I don't think so because that would mean they would have to acknowledge that time of day does exist and there are times in the day for play and times for SLEEP!!!! Well, the wee ones around here have not adapted to this concept or they have chosen to ignore it all totally. It would be one thing if they were to be joyful and happy, but no, they are so tired from lack of sleep that they almost grouchier than a women PMSing for a month. Any how I do feel burdened for my sister Kat since she will be alone for the first time on monday with a newborn and an almost 2 year old. She had a c-section and so she has restrictions for another 4 weeks to be on the cautious side and she is so tired now. It hurts for her to sleep in a bed so she sleeps in a recliner and so the whole quiet and privacy thing doesn't happen all t often with a bunch of tired and cranky, yet over diligent toddlers. But oh how we love them, our days would be too quiet and lonely without them. So for now I will ignore my inner clock since I have been up since 5 a.m. for the day and try to not be grumpy about it. Not to successful so far, pray for me! Smiles! Christina

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy? Just a little!!

In case anyone is wondering if I still exist, I feel like I have been in another world. I have been running after a 1, 2, and 3 year old little children. my 2 boys and my 2 year old niece 'Miss G' I'll call her. I have been cooking and manning the household for my sister 'Kat' who has a new baby boy and it has been a little crazy at times. Just when I think I have a moment to think it doesn't last long. Baby 'Ry" is doing very well and is cute as a button. All three of the kiddo's are very taken with him and at times a little to much. I always love dinner time. Why? Because it's bath time and soon after sleepy town! I did take pictures yesterday of all four of the kids sleeping at the same time but I forgot my attachment for the camera to upload my pics till I get home on sunday night. Monday, my niece Miss G had to be taken to urgent care for x-rays on her foot because she jumped off the bed and was'nt walking right, all is fine, then early afternoon she was'nt acting her usual spunky self and a few minutes later she starting throwing up all over, and I mean projectile vomiting, GROSS! we cleaned her and the floor up and later that evenig she was hanging out with daddy and started vomiting all over him. YUCK! Yesterday went fine, but I think I heard enough whining that we could power a a small town or something. Anyhoo, we are actually enjoying ourselves but this is life with a house full of toddlers. As you can see we are all very proud of this new little bundle and Big Sis can't give enough kisses.

Well God Bless, Christina

P.S. There is also a very proud Papa in the picture. We'll call him Papa D.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been tagged....

I have been tagged by . I am supposed to tell you 6 things that are not interesting about me.
What a chore, I let myself believe I am interesting but you can be the judge of that.

ONE, I don't think this is interesting but my hubby begs to differ; but I can never get dressed untill my hair and make-up is done. I get to hot and then I'm frustrated.

TWO, I have this urgency to take the first bite of my husbands ice cream and this annoys him, so don't let me dip your ice cream.

THREE, I like to see my corn grow in my garden, and I will check it constantly the first month or so after planting.

FOUR, I never put my pants on starting with the same leg.

FIVE, I love the city but my lifestyle is sooo country; for example, garden instead of the market, a party for me is a movie from ten years ago and great value brand (wal-mart) chocolate ice cream, and all black shoes because they'll match anything! (maybe not quite that extreme, but close enough)

SIX, I can get excited over cardstock and shopping for pattern paper.

Now, I will tag three more so they can see what a challenge this really is and I choose,

Have fun ladies, God Bless, Christina

Sunday, May 11, 2008

$100.00 scrapbookoing contest!

There are some wonderful prizes to be won on A total of $100.00 worth. The blog is also very interesting and encouraging to read.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day everyone! I love this day because I love the reason I get the title, My Boys! I am celebrating with my sister and her two beautiful children and of course our husbands.
I am going to embelish on what I love the most about my little angels.
First by birth order is Big Mister. A ray of sunshine with a twist, I say that because the rays don't always point our way, but we love him for standing out and being his own person and knowing that he is an individual. He has a desire to learn and is always up for the challenge. I call him my little gentleman because that is exactly what he is. Not a sneeze goes by with out his little voice saying "bless you" or a thank you with out a "you're welcome" or recieving something without a "thank you". He is as handsome as his Papa and loves looking all dapper and us raving on how good he looks. I love tucking you in at night and saying I love you and hearing those three precious words back.

Now, second only by birth is our Little Mister. He was born with a plump sweetness that just makes your heart melt. Loving every bit of attention and adoration he could solicite from us. Not a day has gone by that we don't get the sweet smiles and cozy huggable moments. Little mister has brought much joy and love to our little family of four we cannot remember the days before his arrival. However, like lemon merringe pie all that sweetness has a kick as an afterthought. Little Mister difinately has a kick, we call him "The Bull", not only will he get what he see's he wants, but he is a tough little guy. In all his mischief he gives those priceless toothy grins and lovable chuckles. You are a charmer, with your beautiful glittering eyes and silky dark hair no one can resist. I love you more with each day and look forward to hearing those three sweet words back.

I hope you all are just as lucky as I am to have such wonderful children to love. God Bless this Mother's Day!