Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decorating for you...

The christmas season is in full swing. In celebration of you visit here I have decorated, the christmas tree is up, three in fact. The tunes are playing to uplift your spirit and prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear some of your Christmas traditions. If you don't have any, I encourage you to start a new one today.

* A christmas tradition we have, is to open one gift on Christmas eve., it is usualy they're Christmas Pj's.

* I also start playing Christmas music all the time.

* I have started in the last two years baking christmas cookies with the boys, and I always bake pies for a few neighbors in hopes to show the joy of Christ's birth.

* will be doing a Christmas count down project with the boys. I haven't decided on what it will be yet, so if you have any idea's that are not to major swing them my way.

God bless as we start off this Christmas season, and make it a great one this year. I encourage you also to focus on someone else outside of your home and make it your ministry.


Friday, November 28, 2008

**Cricut dream update**

Yeah! I got it at the $99.99 price which is half price!

I am so excited to have my own now. I have been using my friends all this time and now I don't have to mooch. :)


Brings great times with family. (including the Wii)

Great food and the fun while preparing the feast.

A long distance call to Brazil with Thanksgiving and Birthday wishes for My Sister.

Dreams of purchasing a Cricut the next day for $99.99 at the joann' s sale.

Hope your thanksgiving was great and your turkey didn't burn or remain frozen in the middle. LOL! (ours was perfect)

God Bless, Christina

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This not technically wordless, but oh well.
These pictures were taken over the weekend when Bryanna stayed the weekend with us last weekend.
The story is that I used to babysit Bryanna as a baby and she has been a special part of my life ever since. I feel old now that she is in high school and can babysit my children.
She has turned out to be a beautiful girl and we loved having her with us.

Little Mister woke up from his nap and is being bashful and Bryanna had decided to join in.
Cuddle buds!
Have a great Wednesday, Christina

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Baby...

Our Little Mister is...



Fun ..

and these pictures show all of that to me!
Enjoy, Christina

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A bowl of chicken noodle soup...

Plus... a cup of hot cocoa...

Plus... a chocolate cupcake...

Plus... a train set...

Equals... A very happy Boy!
Have a great Monday, Christina