Friday, August 1, 2008

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Friday and that I hope you have a great weekend. I will be busy this weekend with my nieces and nephew. I am watching my oldest sisters three children till saturday evening. The boys' love playing with them and are looking forward to it. Have a great one, Christina

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day trip!

On wednsday the boys and I had a day trip about an hour away with my friend and her little sister again. We went to see some amazing gardens and enjoy a picnic amongst them. They have huge glass greenhouses with an arid garden filled with lots of deserty plants and sculptures of animals you would find in those areas, then a victorian garden, an Italian garden filled with things of the romantic nature, an amazing tropical garden, and then lots of outdoor gardens.

We went when Big Mister was about six months old in the late spring and thought it was amazing then, we only saw afraction of the flowers in bloom as when it is full summer. AMAZING! They have also added a lot of new gardens and have fabulous childrens gardens. The childrens gardens have several water area's as well as little vegi gardens to see what different things can be grown. We loved the playhouse/treehouse they have with play kitchens and sculptures of animals and children. One of the new things since a few years ago was an outdoor dance studio, with a dance bar along a 'funny' mirrored wall and a platform to play on as well as dress up clothes for them to put over they're clothes and feel like it's for real. The other new garden was a traditional farm and garden. It had real vegetable gardens and flowerbeds, as well as all the animals, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, crows, sheep, goats, and they were all in life size and life like sculptures. We saw continuous flowers and shrubs and waterfalls wherever we walked and the pictures can't even begin to show everything or how awesome it was.

We had a great day and am looking forward to a date with my husband and show him this place. Even husbands will love this with a delicious picnic on a blanket over the beautiful lawns.

Enjoy the pictures, Christina
P.S. I think you can imagine how wonderful it was, we had about 100 pictures and our camera died early so we couldn't take more.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun in the sun...

Yesterday was filled with lots of fun in the sun. The boys and I went to a little park with a great beach, and only 2 bucks a car to get in. AWESOME! We have been sporting some hot weather lately and the kiddo's are loving getting out and having play time and seeing mama relax.

We went with my friend and her little sister again, which is always great company and makes it a little easier for me to relax having a few extra eyes watching out for the little darlings.

I forgot the Big Misters' arm floaties but remembered buckets and shovels. Big Mister did great without the arm floaties and they loved digging in the sand and mud. After a couple hours it became fish catchers instead of water buckets. There are lots of fish in the side areas without swimmers and we all tried our darndest to catch one, none of us succeeded but all enjoyed trying.
The water doesn't look like it's very clean in the pictures but it really is.

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our day and so here they are!
God Bless, Christina

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pages and berries...

I love it when my days are filled with picking blueberries and scrapbooking more pages of my little darlings. Since I have my new scrapbooking area almost done, I have been using it and love how convenient it is and get more done. I have been working on Little Mister's first year and I finally finished his first fourth of july pages. We go to the 4rth parade, and that is the extent of our day untill fireworks or a cookout on some years. It's different every year but the parade is the big deal.

I hope you like my pages. I was pleased with them in the end.

I managed to get ten quarts of bluberries last night which is aproximately 12 pounds. It cost me my time 1 1/2 hours and $12.00. I know one of the local farm markets sells a ten pound box for $2.40/ lb., and that is why I pick. I saved myself over half in cost and I got the enjoyment of nature and the sun was starting to set low, with the birds singing I thought it was a beautiful evening. I used to always love going in the morning, oh was that relaxing and the peacefulness was almost magical. But then I had children and there is nothing relaxing and peaceful about taking two bored children berry picking.

Well I better go the list is still intact although I am shocked and excited to say I did get all six loads of laundry washed. folded, and put away yesterday. Today i need to check the garden, ignore the weeds, and I "want" scrap a little and play with my little darlings.

God Bless and have a great day,


Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend recap and looking ahead...

This weekend was filled with many activities and all the fun that summer has to offer.
Saturday DW had to work on a roof, so my best friend Layla and her little sister came and picked up the boys and I and we went swimming. There is a nice little park about ten miles away that has a beautiful little beach and swimming area. The boys had a ton of fun with Sara and Layla and I just got top relax and watch the kids play.
Yesterday we were invited to a summer cookout for our couples sunday school class. We went to the home of our teachers, and a very large and beautiful home it was. Shelley had it set up like a luau, and did an amazing job. They had a couple of slip and slides set up for the kids and volleyball and chit chat for the adults. We left Little Mister with my friend Layla for the evening so I could actually relax and visit. That was so nice, I can't even tell you how nice.
Now for looking ahead, Today is definately laundry and maybe finish the 4rth scrapbook pages, then this evening I will go picking bluberries with a few friends. I am hoping that the berries are loaded and ripe for fast picking. I want at least 3 ice cream pails full but hoping for 4.
Tommorrow it will be garden day. pick whats ready and do a little weeding and freeze more green beans. And who knows maybe a little more scrapping. I love having my own little space to where I can work on it alittle here and there.
Wednsday will be an outing with the boys at a garden and sculpture park. We took Big Mister when he was about 6 months old and so am looking forward to taking Little Mister. They have a large variety of gardens and a great childrens area. the rest of the week I also have lots going and will share more then. In the mean time have a great day and I will make my rounds visiting.