Saturday, September 20, 2008

Applesauce or applesauce?

I ask you would you care for some applesauce or can I get you some applesauce?
Look below and you can see why I was not on yesterday and why I ask if you care for some applesauce! We did get a total of 56 quarts canned for my sister K. It was soooo Delicious!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

sitting on top of the couch is the coolest and funnest, apparently!

Yes, this is a pink dollhouse in a home where no little girls reside. But, the boys love as you can see dolls not nessesary.

My sweetheart!

and my other sweetheart!

Boys are always having fun when dirt and mud is involved.

All tuckered after a long fun night at the rodeo, lasso under the arm, shoes off and you see where he'll hang his hat!
Big Mister loves going for a walk and riding his bike on the road, Super cool!!LOL
I hope you enjoyed as much as we did. God Bless and have a great day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life happens..............

Well if you wondered what happened to me, I will simply tell you LIFE!! I started getting very busy on friday when I went scrapbooking untill midnight and then saturday I was gone all day at a health conference. I wanted to say hi and fill you in on sunday, but I was so enjoying the relaxation time with my husband since the boys slept a long time. On Monday I got a phone call that my sister and family were coming from out of state for a week or so to work with my cousins husband. Work at home for them is slower than ours in construction.
We are enjoying the time with them, and are hoping to can applesauce this week together. I finally got all of my beets in from the garden and I pickled and canned them, I have another batch of spagetti sauce brewing right now, and think I can get most of my garden cleaned out this weekend.
God has blessed our garden so much this year, so many others are not having the harvest they were hoping for. We should get about 70 or so quarts total of spagetti sauce.
DW is a happy man as he bought a 2 year old colt and is going to train her for riding and sell her and hope that he can keep doing that to make some extra money on the side as well. His passion has always been to work with horses and since we have been married he has not had the space to do so. He came home last night with a lighter step than usual and a twinkle in his eye, (and I thought I was the one that put that twinkle there) LOL!
Well, My best friend is coming over in a bit to scrapbook with my sister and I so I still need to finish my sauce and the laundry so I better scoot. I will upload some pictures soon so you too can see my little darlings.
God Bless, Christina