Friday, December 12, 2008

My hot cocoa boy!

I love my hot cocoa boy. On almost a daily basis my Big Mister asks for a cup of Hot cocoa. I make it in a real glass mug, so he feels really big and important. I fill with half hot water and then the rest milk so it is warm. I found the darlingest mini mini marshmellows and he loves that. Take a break today and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and maybe even a biscotti. mmmm
Have a great friday, Christina

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching up!

I have just not been motivated lately to do anything. What is my problem? There is definately so much to do and i look at it and ignore it. Yesterday my good friend Layla came over for the day and we scrapbooked all day, and i mean all day. ( of course in between the requests for everything from the boys and breaking up arguments) Any how I am almost done with Little Mister's first year year album. I have 4 12 x 12 pages left to do and then it will be complete. I have lots done for the second year already and I need to get Big mister's 2nd and 3rd year completed and in books. I have a 12 x 12 drawer with a stack of pages needing to be put into albums. I have been feeling so behind in my scrapbooking and now I am not feeling the pressure quite so much. Whew!
These pictures are of Little Mister with my nephew, Baby S. They were visiting over the weekend for the wedding. Little Mister loves Baby S and sometimes a little too much. have a great Thursday and God Bless, Christina

Monday, December 8, 2008

Now the wedding day is passed and they are on they're honeymoon... happily ever after. The wedding went well, no major mishaps just a little rushing and inneed of a bit more organization. Oh, well they are married and that's what counts. They're colors were brown and teal with silver. I am guessing around 130 to 150 guests. My big mister was a ring bearer and did a great job when bribed with a new thomas and friends train! LOL! My Mom made they're cake and she always does a beautiful job.

And now of course the Men in my life!
God Bless, have a great day,