Saturday, May 24, 2008


I was prompted within me to continue on or make a lengthy comment about a post I read over at Mommy etc, leading to another post over at 'Pleasant view schoolhouse'.

It was about being the homemaker and what being a homemaker really means. I was so convicted, not that I don't already do some of these homemaker things but the attitude "I" have behind it. I think this is what I have to do, or this is my job, I get all flabergasted and frustrated because my to do list is still not done. Oh, there is another day.

What I felt so strongly with in me is that my attitude is not of the homemaker that I long to be. Notice key word 'long' to be, not 'have' to be.

So, I challenged myself to be a homemaker and a homemaker with the attitude that I long have. I am sure this will be a stretch for me but we will never know if we can if we don't try; and I would rather fail knowing that at least I tried.

I started my first homemaker 'attitude' project friday.I was so excited

and I ended up having so much fun. May is my favorite month because it is my birth month and so many wonderful plants are in bloom and the fragrances are so sweet. the flower of the month is the Lily of the Valley, I have an amazing crop of this very delicate and fragrant flower. I picked a beautiful bouquet of Lily of the valley and then I baked my Husband and my big mister's favorite Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I displayed it beautifully on a table in the kitchen. Men and boys do also enjoy and appreciate pretty and dainty things.

to prove this, I walk in the door from gathering my lily of the valley to arrange my bouquet, and Big Mister comes over and say's "oohhh Mama I want to smell". As he takes a big sniff of the fragile little bell like flowers he say's "hhhmmmm". I look forward to trying new things each week and doing it with the intent to have a serving homemaker attitude that "I long" to have. These are some pictures that I took of my presentation and I did edit them also for a little variety. God Bless!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I love chocolate and I was visiting Mari's blog and a friend of her's was having a chocolate fest party yesterday and so I decided to participate a day late with a few fav's myself.

First, of all a no brainer,

"Chocolate covered strawberries."

-wash large red strawberries leaving the leafy tops on
-melt any chocolate in the microwave
-dip the berry in chocolate leaving a little red showing.
Second, Better than --- cake!
1 chocolate cake
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup caramel
1/2 cup toffee chips
1 8oz. tub cool whip

-Bake a chocolate cake, then when done use a wooden spoon handle and pole holes all over about an inch apart. pour into the holes sweeten condensed milk and the carmel. refridgerate the cake then top with toffee chips and with cool whip. sprinkle top of whip with toffee and carmel.


Foto Friday!

I thought I would post some pictures of the last couple weeks.
I love his first one, It reminds me of the saying "looking through rose colored glasses". I thinkit is so fitting because I don't think children see all the heaviness of everday life(at least we hope not), everything seems like roses.

Here is a picture of the only time in ten days that all four children were sleeping at once!!

Big Mister had a booboo on his head and bandaids make everything better, don't they?

We had silly moments too, and this is Little Mister being silly and crazy like he is most of the time.

When we got home we were putting in a new section of countertops for my scrapbooking corner, (I will post more later) and we had a couple of large boxes that we got the idea from my Cousin Elizabeth to make it into a playhouse for the boys. They love it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one hundred and one..................

I have missed you all. I hope you have missed me. I got home sunday night and I am trying to do my summer, household, and vacation duties all at once. NOT HAPPENING!

I am so distracted by my flower gardens that I keep fiddling in them instead of doing my laundry, cleaning and unpacking and packing again for my weekend trip. I planted a few more varieties of flowers yesterday and had some surprise visitors for lunch, it was my 31rst birthday and Mom and my sisters surprised me with a lite lunch. Then at five my hubby called me and said I have an hour to get ready he had a sitter lined up and took me too one of my faves for dinner. We thoroghly enjoyed ourselves. Afterward he took me to the super JoAnn's for a look see. I cannot brag about my husband enough; he has spoiled me for mother's day and then he missed me so much while I was away he brought me a mini rose bush and he treats me like the queen of queens. For my b-day present he is sending me away this weekend scrapbooking at a beautiful B&B with my friends and oldest sister and niece. Today, i went shopping at all the best scrapping stores for last minute supplies to get ready to go. I am so EXCITED!!!

Since I have missed you all I had to take time away and tell about my 101 things to do.
Here is a picture of the B&B that I am heading off to this weekend.

God Bless, christina