Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Flood!

You may be wondering, Flood? It's still winter, where could there possibly be a flood? Let me tell you a funny but not so fun story about our flood.
I had a few calls to make yesterday about bills and that sort of thing. An, of course you know how whenever you have to make those types of calls your on hold for forever and then some.
After waiting for AT&T about 30 minutes I was not about to have my call interupted and start all over. I was a little pre-occupied by the gigling in the other room. I tried to resolve the issues as quickly as possible and then had to give me a sales pitch on how they would love to take more of my money for things I don't need. about 30 minutes later I am finally done and I follow a trail of water from my living room through the dining room and into the kitchen I find lots of water all over and it amounted to a small flood. The boys were both drenched and loving they're water fight inside. Mama was not happy so she stripped them down and but them in the tub to warm up while I made up the mess. It was a few minutes later when I heard a cry from Little Mister and went to check on what's going on. They had decided to empty the body wash and the shampoo into the bathtub and it was burning they're eyes.
And some days that is the way the ball bounces.
It may be hard to believe, but my almost 2 year old Little Mister is the instigator for most of these messes and he will make it look so fun that Big Mister will join in.

Have a great day, Christina

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

silly boys!

These are some cute pictures of the boys all wrapped up after a bath. They love sitting on the couch all bundled up and they get a little silly too.
I have been away for awhile in the blogging world. I have been working on my Weight loss class, in a class at church, a few migraines and a doctors appointment. They all seemed to keep me distracted which isn't hard to do lately.
We had a great valentines day. My husband and I went to lunch and enjoyed ourselves without the crowds. DW gave me the most beautiful card and some dove chocolate. I also gave him his favorite chocolate (whoppers) and a card. The whole day was spent with a lot flirtyness back and forth and that was fun.
life is Life here in our home, and hope your day is great,