Thursday, December 25, 2008

The family plan!

Mama plus




and arriving in 2009

A new addition to our family making us a family of FIVE!

Have a Merry Christmas, Christina

Monday, December 22, 2008


For many years, since I was around 10 years old in fact our family would go Christmas caroling. It started out Mom would raise 100-150 chickens every spring and get them in the freezer each fall. We would always keep a certain number of them whole as a roasting chicken and package them. As christmas approached we (I should say MOm) would bake cinnomin rolls and bread. Then on Christmas eve we would start our rounds to special friends and give them a gift of a chicken and baked goods and a card wishes Merry wishes. At that time there were seven of us kids and the eigth on way. We were all young so we did no singing (I guess mom and dad wer'ent interested in solos). However as we grew older we would sing a tune or two. Then Many of us started working in nursing homes and we started making cookies and singing down the halls of the nursing homes we worked in.
Last night was the night for our traditional caroling. Our group looks a little different each, we add a grandchild or two, some get married others live far away and can't be present, and then we add extended family. My Aunt and some of there family have been joining us.
Regardless of who is there we sing many many many songs celebrating christmas and all the elderly get a bag of cookies that are made by a handfull of ladies in the group.
My mom is the one that keeps this tradition going and would rather do this night of caroling than receive gifts. She is busy with a trail of grandchildren passing cookies while we stroll the halls singing our hearts out.
We had a great time and the elderly truly enjoy the music and love seeing all the little kids milling in and out of there rooms. We even have an occasional puppy join the group.

Have a great day, Christina