Monday, October 25, 2010

changes are here again...

so my husband and I have been praying for wisdom and God's guidance as to what direction we need to take for our family. Direction for schooling, finances and the emotional balance/dynamics for our family. Two months ago we decided that I would apply for a job at an assisted care facility for the elderly, that would give me the option of third shift part-time. This would enable me to still be a stay at home mom full time, keep the children on the same routine with little change in there daily lives, as well as contribute to the fiances in the household.
I believe that God provides, however I also believe there are leaps of faith we take and then wait on him for further clarification. I was called for an interview after 6 weeks, and by 8 weeks have been accepted for the position and working. This facility does only 12 hour shifts, a bonus for my schedule, because I am working 36 hours a week and only away 3 days.
I am confident that this is the plan that God has for our family, and so he will also give us the strength to work together as a family for a harmonious home. I have a lot of experience in this field and after being away from it for almost 10 years am very excited to be back in this environment. It seems God is teaching me a lot in the area of change and control and his desire to handle these things in my life, and the more I trust in him and strengthen my Faith in him the less painful it is.

thank you for visiting PhotoMama and I hope to see you soon in the bloggy world!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...lets try this again:)

so I have been away for awhile, I have missed blogging and decided to try my hand at it again and catch up on all of you. In the last year I have enjoyed being a Mom to a beautiful little girl, a Mom to a pre-schooler and now kindergartner, and a Mom to a charming little boy in the middle of it all. I continued telling myself each passing month that I will start blogging again when things slow down:) hmmmm, still waiting on that. Becoming a mother of three has taught me many things already, how to be flexible, manage little bits of time wisely, and just go with it and see where you land. What is our little family up too now? Big Mister started kindergarten this fall and is loving school and catching on well. He has grown to be a darling little man that we just adore. Little Mister is determined to prove he is just as capable as his big brother. A very determined little guy he is. We signed him up for a weekly library program, which he calls his school:) Missy Ann is now almost 17 months old and you haven't heard much of her. She is my Sweet Sugar Pie, and we have been so blessed to have her. Missy Ann is a lively and happy girly girl. She loves beads, and ruffles, and all things pretty. Love That! I am possibly going back to work part-time at an assisted living facility. This willdefinitely call for some change and transition. Looking forward to catching up with all of you. God Bless, Christina

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She has arrived!

It is bright and early when we arrived at the hospital, 5:30 am and she was scheduled to be delivered by 8 am.
She was born at 8:06 am, weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long. She has a ton of hair, and a tiny little face with long fingers and toes. Her nickname has been Miss Ann and is now changing a bit too Missy girl and little peanut. We our very proud of our beautiful little daughter and her big brothers are in awe of her as well.

The boys had on matching shirts that said 'We're the big brothers' in which they help make and put they're own handprints on.

They love giving they're new baby sister lots of kisses.

Of course the bows have come out already=)

This was her coming home outfit and she was just a doll in it.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Monday, July 20, 2009

6 days to go

Well I only have 6 days to go till we meet our new daughter. Things are getting done, and whether the addition gets completed or not it is done enough for us to move in. The boys are very excited to have a baby girl, and my husband has been working very hard to prepare for us a home fit for our little princess, and I am wrapping up final details to make so all the family is happy. Have a great day, and I will keep you posted when she arrives.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The past week in review....

My husband has been busy working on our addition, It does look like chaos right now but wait till you see the pics next week:) My Sister Anita and friend Layla are helping me clean strawberries. We picked 65 quarts on that particular day and have now picked about 240 quarts total this season. We have been so grateful for all the help picking as I have not been able too!
The boys found ways of staying cool on the hot hot hot summer days this past week. They called it making mud soup. I loved how well they have playing and helping me out:) :) :)

This was taken on fathers day while I was grilling lunch. The boys wanted to be just like daddy they said and took they're shirts off. They then started wrestling and boy did they have fun.
The week was productive for me, I have made some baby purchases. We now have the baby book, hospital outfit for while we are there and to come home in, headband bows (which are a must), girl scrapbooking supplies, a few major adorable outfits, and I registered for the people that wanted to know what I still needed. I also finished the baby's crib blanket, and also the matching pillow that I take to the hospital for all the people who visit to sign. There will be pics later when the nursery is done.
That's been my week, you have a great one,

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's been awhile...

It's definately been awhile since I have posted. My energy has been depleted for quite some time, and my long list of to-do's was crowding out my blog time.
5 weeks from today I am scheduled to deliver the baby by c-section. We are excited for a couple reasons, one I will no longer be pregnant, two we are having a little girl!!
I know a few posts back we were'nt finding out and just having the ultrasound tech write it down and seal it in an enevelope. My intention was to open that envelope as son as I get out of the doctors office, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to share the outcome with the rest of the world. That was our solution. Now I could have held out and not told a soul, but my husband on the other hand was having a hard time not blabbing. He informed me he was telling his mother, so I decided if he was telling than so was I.
We did enjoy our secret for a couple of months.
I have added a few natural supplements to my routine last week and I am finally able to get past the overwhelming exhaustion. That is such a relief with all we have left to get done before the baby in 5 weeks.
Our addition is coming along, my husband is very busy with that and our strawberry patch. We have gotten 135 quarts of strawberries so far and we will be picking for a couple more weeks. God has blessed!
I am going to try to keep posting and keep you updated on the baby news. Miss you all and hope to be visiting you soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We have some blessings that are so worth telling you all about this week. I believe that God is trying to make his power known to my husbands family and we continue to pray for they're eternal salvation.

We recieved a call on saturday afternoon from my mother-in-law that the younger of my sister in laws was in the hospital. She was pregnant with her third child and expieriencing a great deal of pain. Her mid-wife came out and said she needs to head to the emergency room. She loss conscienceness upon arrival and they did an ultrasound to find that she had a tubal pregnancy. There was only one doctor to perform that surgery and he ws not available for another hour. During this time her tube had burst and she began bleeding internally. They thenhad to perform the surgery very quickly to save her life. They successfully removed one of her tubes, and she is now doing well. She has a 21 month old and a 6 month old at home and is getting help so she can recover properly. She realizes all to well how fortunate she is to be alive today.

We then recieved another call on Monday evening from my mother in law because my husbands other sister, the older of the two, was due very soon for her first child. She went into labor at home and was planning on a home birth but the baby's heart rate was dropping very quickly and she had to rushed to the emergency room. They discovered the cord was around the baby's neck and after 22 hours of labor she successfully delivered a baby girl and named her Viola. My sister in law realizes also how fortunate they were to have they're baby alive and well.

We are anxious to go and see the new baby but will probably wait till good friday with our work schedules.

Have a great day, Christina

Monday, March 30, 2009

my 22 week belly!

My 22 week belly. I am really carrying this one lower than the my first two. I don't do many belly pics as I have nevver had one of those cute basketball belly's but this is my baby for the time and another 16-18 weeks. Hopefully I can deliver in 16 weeks, I may have to beg tho! Whatever works. Have a great Monday! Christina