Friday, March 13, 2009


We have been praying about what we feel is a need and not just a want. Our new addition! We actually have two additions, one is coming whether we are ready or not and that is this Baby #3, and two is another bedroom so we have a place to place the baby without it being in the middle of our livingroom.(which was suggested to me as an option, yeah right)
We have set a budget requirement and made a list of items that can be purchased used to keep cost low. We are running out of time and were needing a decent amount of money soon.
We had not done our taxes yet but don't expect much from them either as our only income is self-employed with little write offs. I left wednsday evening with a prayer that we at least would get a little and not have to pay in.
The verdict was in and we were so blessed with twice as much as we were hoping for. We are so excited for two reasons. One we expressed a need and not just a selfish want to God, (which is out of my character), and two God fulfilled!

So plans are on its way and the sun is shining. We are looking forward to showing the boys the baby tuesday morning at the ultrasound.
Have a great weekend and have a great day,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am behind, as I haven't posted in a bit. There were a few nice days last week and the boys were so happy to play outdoors. I was so quickly reminded of our summertime routine when they came to the kitchen door ready for lunch and they were covered in mud. I stopped them in they're tracks and stripped them and put em in the tub. They were quick to eat they're lunch and off to napville. That was a great day, no squabbling just harmony.
I was pre-occcupied over the weekend and forgot to take my vitamins and by sunday nightI had my migraines back, BOO! That will teach me to forget. I then awoke monday morning with an ear infectiona and a head cold. I am feeling lots better today but still hanging on to a head cold and a bit of an ear infection.
Either the baby or I have been growing quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. My clothes are fitting way to well from one week to another. My big ultrasound is in a week, and we are not decided yet as to what we are going to find out. I thought it might be nice to take the boys with us to see the baby. Big Mister would especially get excited. He told me the other day to open my mouth real big, and then he stuck one eye as far as he could in my mouth and started shouting that he can see the baby in my belly. Very cute! He says we don't need any girls just a boy. Boys learn early to be loyal.
I am really excited to be doing a new nursery. I am going with Raggedy Ann and Andy. I have chosen paint colors and I have a friend that is sharing some of her nursery things. I will definately post pics as it gets closer.
Pray for our addition fund. We need a good amount of money yet to add on to our house as we only have a two bedroom. God always provides, I am sure of that.

Have a great day, Christina