Thursday, March 20, 2008

My first Page...

I know that I have talked about getting some of my scrapbooking pages on here for you to see, so I decided to start with my first page! I loved these pictures of Big Mister and I wanted to capture the color and and the depth in these photo's. My Aunt had taken the main photo and I took the others; but they were all still from the same event. We had a great time and I hope I was able to through photography and the embellishing give that impression to my "viewers". I also want to do a simular page of little mister but the timing was not there for him so I will also post one of my first pages of him. I loved a feature of my youngest son and I chose to highlight that for this page. The fact that I do love this feature and snapped picture upon picture all with in minutes and could not choose only one or two was reason enough to make it the title of the page. I don't have a scanner to scan these in, and I had children grabbing at me so I hope you can see the layout well enough. You can also click on the picture and see it better. (I did take out Little Mister's name on the side of the page)

I would love comments on these pages and let me know what inspires you to take a certain type of picture or scrap a certain page.

Weight loss class...1 week to go!

My class was kind of bittersweet last night; I had a stressful week and was traveling (not for fun) and so I took the knowledge from my 10 weeks prior to make great choices and I bought a large case of bottled water to make sure that I get my water intake to where it needs to be. So although I didn't feel like I gained any weight, I also didn't feel a great loss either. I stepped on the scale with knocking knees and the number popped out and I wasn't sure what the difference was and it felt like forever till my coach did the calculation. I lost a whole 3 oz. I felt like I had a victory in 2 ways; 1: I can control weight gain even in stressfull times, 2: I still lost!!!
I did no fried or high fat foods, I did turkey sandiwiches and low fat condiments, fruit, yogurt, eggs, ultimatly high protien and lots of water.
So the plan this week to do all the right things and have a great number next week!
Come back next thursday to see the final results from my celebration class!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 1rst Birthday!!!!

It's a Happy Birthday for our Little Mister!

He's the big 1 today, and it seems like I was pregnant longer than we have had his precious little face with our family. He has so much life, we call him our "wild man"! I love the excitement in his smile and his little bottom shuffle across the floor, his sweet kisses and dreamy eyes, but the nose is a Mama's favorite.

We are having a big party on saturday, since he probably won't know the difference anyway. I bought matching red polo's for both boy's to wear at the party and I am going with red and white for the decorations and lots of balloons(helium and also lots to float around on the floor) I sometimes wonder if the party is more for the mama's to show off or for the children?

I bought this awesome toy called magnet farm by leap frog, it is so much fun and great quality.

I also like to get a keepsake gift for they're first birthday. I chose a oversized "my first piggy bank" for him that is adorable.