Friday, April 18, 2008

More flowers

I am loving the nicer weather. I bought some flower bulbs that will bloom in the summer and they are so vibrant and beautiful. They are called 'Ranunculus' and they look like a flat rose, kinda. I have bought these in silk flowers also because I do think they are so gorgeous. This is my first attempt to grow these so I hope it will be successful, I am so looking forward to enjoying them. Have a great night. God Bless, Christina

weight loss class week 2

This was a woo hoo week. I lost 5.7 lbs and am now officially over 30lbs. There was so many great results for others in the class, for example losses of 6, 7, 8, 9, and 9.9lbs was the highest loss for the week.

Our topic for this week was the importance of water and cellular nutrition.
I encourage you to go online and do your research; I never was a good water drinker and am getting better since I know how important it is to health and for effective weight loss. The only ways that fat can eliminate your body is with the water you drink and the fiber you consume.
One tip I received in class as a sign of dehydration was; if you are constantly applying chapstick to your lips you are probably dehydrated and drink water instead.
Some myths about drinking water;
Myth-2 quarts of water daily is all adults need to be well hydrated.
Fact-we actually need our 1/2 of our body weight in oz per day. For example: a 150lb person needs 75 ounces of water per day.
Myth-If you have a problem with fluid retention, drink less water.
Fact-It is in fact the opposite, the less water you drink the more your body will hold on to water in the body.
The link below is one I found interesting and wanted to include it in this post on water.

I would encourage you to do research on cellular nutrition, it is extremely important for your all over health. How your body absorbs nutrition or lack thereof is your key to health and weight loss success. Trust me, that was my number one issue. I will include more info later.

I hope you found this somewhat informative and would love your story!
God Bless, Christina

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Potty training!!!!!

Well, the time has come where there is no more pushing it off, waiting till they are really ready, and procrastination is out now. I need to potty train! Big Mister is 3 1/2 years old, I tried to potty train a year or a little more ago and it was evident that he really was not interested and no amount of bribes was going to work. Why today? The decision maker for me was when Big Mister was playing outside on this beautifull thursday morning and decided to pull down his pants and rip his diaper off and pee outside on a tree. How em-bare-ass-ing! Sorry I could not resist, I do not use any foul language but it was so literal. I hope I do not offend anyone. Anyhow, I pull the window down and told him to come inside and 3/4 - an hour later he gave in to sitting on the potty and put big boy underwear on. WHEW! I rewarded him with a sticker that had thomas and friends on it and now have a little poster up in the for him to stick up more stickers each time he is successful. This seems to make him happy at this time!

I also have read the following two books; 'the five love languages' and 'the personality plus'. I am going to try to use some tips out of these fabulous books to try and understand how he receives and understands challenges and praise. I just borrowed another book from my sister-in-law called 'the five love languages of children' and am curious if this book will aid any more assistance in this aspect. There is also another book that I have not had the opportunity to get yet called 'personality plus for parents'.
If you have any great tips on potty training for boys I would love to hear them. Any information to get through this next stage of raising children is appreciated.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Succotash again today!

Leftovers today. I guess when spring hits or the children hit a new level of curiosity there is just a lot more that goes on. I'll start with the litle boys again! Big Mister is going through a terrible phase of throwing things; particularly things that will break, crash, or smash. Yesterday it was the chandelier, today it's the neighbors garage window!!!! Yes he not only aimed at the window, but hit it, not once but twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thankfully we had good neighbors.

I love spring, flowers to plant, tree's in bud, and the air is so fresh. I went to our local department store for diapers, milk, and dish soap. I ventured over to the lawn and garden department and fell in love! The pansies were so beautiful and every color and variety was calling my name. I have a lot of shade and so finding the right flowers for those conditions are a challenge at times. I found a beautiful ground cover that will come up each year and has beautiful purple blooms. It is called the Vinca 'sterling silver' periwinkle. There is also a variety of the vinca that is meant for sunny area's.

I also purchased another beautiful ground cover for my sunny
flower garden called Sedum 'John Creech' stonecrop. This plant has gorgeous thick litle leaves that grow in masses. This picture doesn't do it justice but it was the best I could do.
I am going to be an aunt again in a couple weeks. I am excited especially since I won't be the one losing all the sleep with the night time feedings. This will the tenth granchild for my side of the family. This ine is going to be a boy, we will then have 6 boys and 4 girls. That means I definately need my twin girls to even the score! LOL!
Excitement is building up for me with my first weigh-in coming up tommorrow for this next 12 week weight loss challenge. I am hoping for 3lbs. but we will see. Positive thoughts and the results are mine!
Well have a great night, Christina

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Succotash Tuesday!

What a day! That's why we are having succotash today; because I don't know what not to write about so we'll have a mixture. First I want to share a the story from yesterday. While I was rocking Little Mister for his afternoon nap, Big Mister puts up one finger and says "I'll be right back". He goes into the bathroom and closes the door and I thought oh no he's going to play in the sink and make a mess. I thought that's all right a small price to pay for some silence to get the baby to sleep. Right! What was I thinking? After I heard a few toilet flushes and he is not potty trained yet so there really was no need to be flushing, Right? He came out of the proud as punch, buck naked, with his clothes in his hand. I ask, where is your diaper? he says,"in the" he continues to babble and recognize the word socks! I ask where are your socks? He giggles and says, "potty mama" I was up in a flash! Yes, he flushed his socks down the toilet and tried flushing the toothpaste box and the toilet paper roll!

This morning, I preceed with my morning duties and the boys are in the other room gigling together, how sweet! right? I suddenly here a crash and run to see that big mister has thrown the bouncy ball and hit a pane of glass out of my chandelier in the foyer and little mister is laughing like this is great entertainment!Not!

The Biggest Loser finale! yeah! I could so identify with the emotions of the contestants, what victories they have all expierienced. Tonight's show was such an inspiration and a huge motivator to keep going and not lose my focus. I still have about 73lbs to go and it seems like a long road ahead, but I'm going to keep walking the road and stay focused on the end result, the VICTORY! Ally won and I am so excited for her and I also am so happy for Bernie getting the 100,000.

I have really enjoyed blogging lately. There are so many people out there with stories to tell and expieriences to share. I feel compelled to make a difference in other people's lives, motivated to become healthier, encouraged to be the best wife and mother I can be, and to learn and grow to stretch myself just a little farther towards success.

For all the scrapbookers out there, I have found a wonderful new versatile product. It is manufactered by Cropper Hopper and it is called the "craft pro-file". Here is a link to check out this new product.

Well God bless and have a great night, Christina

Monday, April 14, 2008

Little girl's dream!

I love girly things, and yet I am the only girl in my household at this time. I have two wonderful little boys and an exceptional husband. I do however dream of having a little girl someday(actually twin girls, but that's beside the point). I recieved my current issue of "creating keepsakes" magazine in the mail today; and I was leafing through it and saw this picture of a dream for me and a little girl of my own someday. I appologize for the quality of this picture, but find the may issue and you will see the magic I see. I know the whole point of this page wasn't nessesarily this picture but an advertisement for shutterfly. I don't care I will still use my same printer for all my portraits but this picture has just made me feel what it is like to see things through the eyes of a child and dream, dream of the somedays and the maybe's and believe that I can have that dream. I picture me with my little girl having tea parties at the little patio table and having a mommy & daughter sleepover for ourselves and our friends and I see us gardening together, choosing our favorite flowers and feeding the birds, I see all the possibilities that this picture shows we can have and the joy that can come from that. I hope this inspires you to see things as a child like it has me.

God Bless and have a great night!

My home

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the purchase

of our first home. we love

our house and have put a great deal of

work to it so far; and plan to do quite a bit more.

I took this picture this winter and loved all the beautiful

snow on the tree limbs. I will post more pictures later

when all of the flower beds and trees are in full bloom.
I will be back later with my official post for the day.
God bless, Christina

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My new "DO"

Well here is my new haircut. I would love to hear feedback.