Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Christmas traditions!

I am so excited to talk about the blessings that are there for us to experience this Christmas season. By 'us' I am not only refering to my family of four, but all of you as well. We are so blessed to have the privelage to worship and celebrate the Birth of Jesus.

This feeling of privelage is what had me on a quest to find a way to tell the True Christmas story to my little darlings in a way that they would understand that christmas is to celebrate Jesus, and not Santa.

I am not against Santa, however we do not give gifts in the name of santa, nor do we take pictures with santa. I believe Santa was a real man and he was a very generous person and blessed people with his generosity. However we have many "Santa's" then because there are many who give unselfishly to bless others. Does this then mean we celebrate Christmas in honor of all the santa's? Or do we celebrate Christmas in worship because our savior Jesus was born a miraculous birth, and because of the love the Lord has shown us we give our hearts unselfishly to bless others around us that may not know this miraculous story?

Now, back to my quest. I have explained the reason for my quest, now I want to share with you how this story will be told to my young darlings that will be simple but very exciting.

I love the countdown to christmas, however 25 days is to long for the short attention spans of my little ones. So why not go with the 12 days before christmas? At first I thought I could do the actual song, but that doesn't tell the birth story. So I thought, 'why not use my own 12 days before christmas'? I purchased a Nativity set and I will split it up into 12 parts and wrap each part and label them with a number. Each morning I will place a present under the childrens tree and at night before bed we will let the boys unwrap the gift of the day and tell them what that part of the nativity means in the amazing story of the birth of Jesus.

I chose to buy a nativity thatwas very real looking and could be used each year as the boys get older. I also looked for a set that the baby was a seperate piece from the manger. I felt I wanted to wrap them seperate to really make a statement on cchristmas day that the day of Jesus birth is why we celebrate.

In preparation for this we also purchased a 2 foot christmas tree for the children to decorate with ornaments that they make. We will place it on the dresser in they're room, then that is the tree we will place the 12 days of christmas presents. The nativity will then be place on they're dresser as each day unfolds.

I love traditions and I wanted traditions for the whole month of December to make a season of christmas not just a day where we get presents.

We get together with a few great friends with little children and we make christmas cookies. On christmas eve we open one present , and it is always a pair of pj's.

This concludes our family traditions, I hope you make the most of this Christmas season and celebrate in the birth story.

God Bless, Christina

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A trip down memory lane

I decided for todays post to go back in time to a year ago. My misters were just starting to play toether in small amounts, and I loved to match they're outfits. These shirts were just cheap little 5 dollar wal-mart specials, but I loved the title.
You see my misters love the word present, and the more things to open the better. (they get that from me) LOL
Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, Christina

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

anyone out there?

Hey I am so having fun getting idea's around for my family's Christmas traditions. On a post here, I was talking about traditions. I want to here from you. What is your most memorable christmas tradition growing up, and have you carried it on to your children? What are some new traditions you started for your family?

I love the season of Christmas and I enjoy listening to what is important to others and how they celebrate.

Tommorrow I will post about a new tradition I am so very excited to start with my kids. So stay tuned.

As if Christmas is not exciting and busy enough, my little brother is getting married on saturday and so I am needing to get busy with a little hem job on Big Misters tuxedo we bought. He is a ring bearer. I will share pics later of the worlds cutest ring bearer.

have a great tuesday night. (enjoy the biggest loser, hopefully Vicki goes home) Christina

Monday, December 1, 2008

winter wonderland

Well it's winter wonderland in my part of the country. We started getting snow late yesterday morning and is it ever so beautiful. Our Big Mister keeps asking to go out to the big hill and go sledding. I prefer a few more inches of snow before making the treck out to the 'Big hill'.
All the snow makes it feel like Christmas. The twinkle of lights are shimmering under the snow and the homes are glowing with warmth. A hot bowl of soup and and a cozy blanket is the best on days like today.
Enjoy the pics, Christina

These are pictures out my kitchen window at my backyard=)