Saturday, July 26, 2008

10 bucks!

You could probably sit and make a huge list of things you could buy for $10 bucks. I wanted to share with you all what I did with my ten bucks on my daily morning walk with the boys.

I stopped at garage sale #1 and I bought a decorative bowl for my new scrapbooking corner in the kitchen, a 12 inch and a 14 inch stainless steel skillets with the lids and a salad master that also had the hand rotary grater from pampered chef. That grand total came to $3.00.

Then I stopped at garage sale #2 and I ought 2 ice cube trays, a 4qt stainless steel pot w/ the lid, a vintage hand painted tea set for one, a 4 qt stainless steel mixing bowl, an adorable green pitcher and a tall chair with a back that swivels for my new scrapbooking corner. (The chair was my most exciting find of the day) I bought all of this for $7.00!

I immediately thought of you, and took some pictures of my finds. Called my best friend Layla (who was coming over to scrapbook that evening any way) and bragged to her about my new chair.

The boys and I are going to go swimming at a local park today with Layla and her little sister. DW is busy doing extra roof jobs for the next 4 or so weekends. Bummer, but you gotta do what you gotta do, huh!
I have won 2 auctions items this week and hoping to win 2 others by tonight. We shall see.

Have a great weekend and God Bless, Christina

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feel good Friday...Wedded Bliss!

It's Feel good friday over at mommy etc, and I gotta say the topic is great. It is what made you feel good about or on your wedding day? If you're not married what made you feel good about a wedding you attended?

I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday, it's been 4 1/2 wonderful years. I felt like I was the queen for a day, and my hubby treats me like the queen all the time.

I loved the hundreds of candles everywhere. The church had about 150 and the reception had over 300. I loved the gazebo in the center the featured my gorgeous wedding cake that Mom made.

I love loved my wedding dress. It was the very first one I tried on. The owner of a cute little boutique looked at me when I walked in and said she had the dress for me, I tried it on and it fit to the tee. I did put it on hold to try on others but went back and got it at a great price of $350.00. The train was amazing and that was what sold me on it.

The walk down the isle was so exhilerating, and to walk to my prince charming and to see the look adoration for me was so heart warming.

One of my favorite moments that gave me goosebumps; I had a dutch song printed on scrolls since my husband and I both came from the amish and we had lots of friends and family at the wedding that did as well. In english the song is called 'God is love' and it is a popular song at amish weddings. That song was sung by all who knew it and i got goosebumps and was an emotional moment for me and don't even really know why.

The wedding kiss was so fun , cool, amazing and yummy. My new husband dipped me and then all the groomsmen had little cards in they're pockets with a number on it rating our kiss. (I did not realize this untill after the honeymoon when I saw the pictures. loved it tho)

The bestman was my husband's best friend and was amish, he also works with horses and when the pastor asked for the ring he gave it and my sweetie took it and all of a sudden noticed that it wasn't the ring he was expecting. the best man made a ring out of a horse shoe nail and glued a bead into it as a joke. I still have the ring and it does fit.

I remember the emotions the I felt leaving our reception as husband and wife and driving to our bridal suite in a victorian mansion b&b for our wedding night before heading to our honeymoon destination. It truly was a day of Wedded Bliss!

You can read more on our love story and see a few scrapbook pages of our wedding here.

The memories and the things that made me feel good about our wedding day are endless.
I enjoyed this trip down memory lane, Thanks Elizabeth.

God Bless Christina

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finally, some great finds, Christina style!

I don't really like garage saleing. I look through other people's junk and never see anything that appeals to me. I have been itching the last few weeks to hit up a great sale and bargain! On Friday morning I was coming back from the store, and there was this sigh for a huge 7 family garage sale. Surely there will something I would like. I drove on up and my interest was sparked instantly. They had these little tykes boats, one a old fashioned tug boat and the other a speed boat. They are the imagination type toys that children can sit in and pretend the wind is blowing in they're hair and the waves are splashing up around them. They were marked $3.00 for one and $2.00 for other. What a great deal, they look old but in great shape, and you can't hardly find them anymore. Two things I look for in a bargain. I continued looking because I still didn't want to spend $5.00 on the boats. I found a great mid-size coleman cooler and a couple of old old childrens books this brought my purchase to $1.50 and as you remember I love to bargain. I politely asked the lady if she would take $3.00 for both of the boats together, and she said "YES"! Yeah I found all my favorites, old stuff that someone else may not be able to find, and a BARGAIN!

The Hubs was impressed with the purchase as were my Mister's.

Then on saturday morning I started to feel the itch again. I went to the first sale and found a few winter items for little Mister andthe second sale I found gap jeans, 3 old navy 2 pc pj's for little Mister and all for $5.00 a savings of at least $50.00 since everything looked like new.

Not too long ago I was in love with this popcorn bucket and bowl set. They were the heavy duty enamel ware and totally fun. I was outbid at an auction because I didn't want to go over $26.00. I was heartbroken! I had already envisioned my family using that popcorn bucket on sunday nights when we always seem to have popcorn, so I went on ebay and somehow managed to find the exact set with 8 bowls instead of 4 and won the item for $3.99 plus $9.89 shipping making the total savings of #$13.12.

I am now working on bargaining for the older style fisher price little people barn, i don't like the new one and the boys love playing with animals and such. I am currently in the running for $5.99 I will let you know how that goes.

I do feel like I may get another itch this weekend. So hopefully i will find a few more bargains I can be proud to tell you about.

Happy bargain hunting and have a great day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh, you thought Pig pen was a fictional character?

Yeah, I thought that Pig Pen was a made up fictional character in the old time classic story of Charlie brown. Apparently, my little misters wanted to claim and bring the the name and title back to life. I was washing my dishes watching them from my new large kitchen window and hearing them play so sweetly together and giggling from time to time. Why would any sane mother go and upset the apple cart? they wouldn't and so since I am still clinging to the sane mother title, I let them continue playing. They were safe in they're cage, I mean back yard with a fence and tightly secured gate, all is child proof with the exception of sane mother's beautiful and ever so delicate blossoms, no worries!!

I finished freezing my green beans and thought I should engage in a little interaction with the misters before sending them to sheep counting land (bed). I guess I should have specified in my mind what kind of interaction I wanted to have before diving in head first. What I found as I passed my lovely delicate blooms and turned the corner to engage with my little darlings was pig pen in what looked like the pig pen! You see the sandbox has a lid for a reason, when it rains it is meant to cover the dry sand and keep it from turning into mud. No wonder my little "pigs" were giggling and staying out of they're ' sane mother's' hair. The mud was caked in Little Mister's hair and clothing, and up his nose and oh, yes you are seeing correctly, Little Mister is drinking the muddy water out of the muddy bucket. If you're wondering why Big Mister isn't as filthy? well I am almost positive that he was busy aiding in the filthiness of Little Mister.

Despite all the dirt and and the cloud of dust that always lingered behind good ole pig pen, he was still loveable and one of my favorite characters of Charlie brown. And just the same I love my very own authentic "pig pen's"

God bless and have a great day, Christina

Monday, July 21, 2008


I got another award! Yeah!

Vixbil is a fellow blogger and I love reading about her adventures in mommy world. She gave me this award and last week and am so excited to start the week off giving it back to the other s I enjoy reading. So, go and catch up with Vixbil and enjoy the blogs I give this award too.

1. new*me- Annette found me and started visiting me and I am glad that she did. She is on the same path of health and weigh down that I am on and she is a busy Mom as well. Recently she had an awakening that it's time to take care of herself, so she can be the best mom in the long run to her fabulous children. She has a cute blog and I love reading about her days.

2. Queen to my 3 boys- Amy is a Mom to all boys and I love to here the stories she has, she also takes awesome photo's and displays a fabulous sense of humor in her writing.

3. a mom's heart- Tiffany is also a fairly new blog that I have been enjoying. She has a super cute blog, and she has super cute children. Her heart is always looking to be filled with God's love and showing love to others. She is also a must read.

4. 4 little men- What an awesome blog, I get tired just thinking of the all the things she must have to do and she is super young too. She has 4 little boys and is expecting twins in 2 months. Great read!

5. busy mom of 4- Lisa says it all in blog title, she has four beautiful children and loves to encourage other mom's along the way. This blog is filled with exciting stories that at times keep you at the edge of your seat wanting more, and lot's of humor in the normal day to day things.

6. Jessica- Jessica is a blog I read but don't coment on very often, I am a lurker at times. She is a scrapbooker and I love that she writes with energy. She is a new mommy and and has just shared her birthing expierience with us. I tjought it would be nice if we just sent some well wishes her way.

7. mommy etc.- And, last but not least is elizabeth, It would not be right to me, not to give her this award. I always read her first. She is my cousin and great friend, and I love catching up and seeing what she comes up with next. She has feel good friday and mr. linky every friday and it is super cool. I encourage you to check it out and join feel good friday this week.

Now for the rules,

Put the logo on your blog.Put a link to me (who awarded it to you) on your blog also.You need to nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and put links to them also on your blog. Finally, leave a comment for those you've nominated - so they know they've received a special award

Enjoy getting to know these great blogs! God Bless, Christina