Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weight loss challenge celebration 2

On Thursday night I had my final class for the second weight loss challenge that I attended. I was so pleased the results for yself and other participants.
My friend Amber has really stepped it up and focused the last couple weeks and lost almost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks. so proud of her. She could have easily beat me in this competition had she started that even 6 weeks ago.
We also had a husband and wife team that I am so proud of. They are Manuel and Karen and they made a decision together to lose weight and get more healthy. Manuel came in at 11.4% (i think) weight loss which put him in 1rst place, and Karen came in at 9.3% weight loss and that put her into 3rd place. Great job and keep it up team!
And that still leaves 2nd place open. I won 2nd place with a total of 10.4% weight loss. For my year to date 24week weight loss totals , I have lost a total of 51.1 pounds, 51.75 inches, and 20.76% total body fat. I am half way to my end of year goal and very pleased with the coaching and mentorship I recieved to help me reach this so far. We had many other victories in the class as well, one I will still mention is Diana, she was the biggest inch loser with a total of 20inches lost. how incredible!
I was thinking what 50 pounds would look like.
Imagine ...
100 sticks of butter
10 bags of flour
16.66 cans of crisco shortening
53 regular jars of peanut butter
53 boxes of cherrios

anyway you get the idea, I should and do feel much lighter.
God Bless, Christina

Friday, July 4, 2008

Foto Friday

Even tho I already have a post today for my official 100th I still had to get in my foto friday! the boys for the most part have a lot of fun together.

A picture of me and the boys last year on the Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth, Christina


It's my hundredth post, I thought 'what shall I do?'

Celebrate! of course!

Who doesn't love a great party? So I will try and make this a party you won't soon forget.

So, Come on in and take a seat...

Have some cake....

enjoy a little gift from me...

and have a great time!

For entertainment I thought I would say what 100 could mean.

100 could mean that, that's how many friends I have or how many cousins I have. 100 means that I would love to meet that many more people in my life.

I have 100, books, grains of rice, pennies, toys, pairs of socks, dollars, dishes, pictures, movies, in my house right now.

100 is 10 x 10, so if I say I love you 10 times a day for 10 days than my kids will have heard that they are loved 100 times.

I wanted to list 100 of my favorite things, but 100 is a big number. That would be 10 lists of 10 things. 10 more lists than I have time to put together. So just be assured that ...

I have 100 things to do,

100 I love you's to say,

100 kisses to give.

God bless and enjoy the party. Christina

Thursday, July 3, 2008

two observations...

Okay, two observations on two totally different subjects.

One, I always thought it was so adorable when a child loves his blankie and won't go anywhere without it. I changed my mind! The blanket thing is out of control when it is drug everywhere and there is dried on food, milk drippings that now smell fermented and sticky syrup on it, and we are still wanting to chew on it? Oh, no so not happening in my house. I put that bad boy in the washer (all tho it ends up there every week already) and you would think it is the end of the world. I have been listening to crying non-stop till the washer stopped and then he (Little Mister) spotted me taking it out of the washer to put it into the dryer. the world was coming to an end, so I gave him a damp blankie and was done with it!

Two, We were hearing about a thunderstorm moving in but we were on the outskirts of the storm, no big deal. OH, BUT it became a big deal. I was on the phone complaining about my nagging one year old to my good friend Layla and all of a sudden it sounded like rocks were being thrown at the house and I was like "what in the world is going on" and looked out the window and it ws hailing. Not just hail, but nickel to quarter size hail. I thought people were just stretching they're story a bit but there it was bouncing all over my yard. and We had so much water everywhere. WHOA!

After dinner last night we decided to go driving and check out the area. It looked like we had a twister go through a very large area, there are so many trees down, and many homes and buildings had small amounts of damage, and a lot of damaged crop. I hope no one has been seriously hurt.

Any Hoo, those are my observations and hoping for a great day and a great weigh-in!
God Bless, Christina

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday is good.

Yes Wednesday is good to me today. aside from the fact that I have a very iritable baby, teething right now. as many of you know I have had a large task of organizing at hand, and have been dragging my feet, well I finally got it done! YEAH!

I know I have talked obsessively about my great outdoor hobbies and it has been much work and I am feeling many muscles in area's that I don't normaly know there are muscles. So I think gardening officially counts as exercise. All the hard work is definately worth it when my 3 year old on a stroll through the garden together says "Whats that Mama?" and I say "That's beets" and he says "Yummm".

and when I see pictures like these...

My Big Mister loves loves strawberries and can be found in my patch quite often. and I love it, he is such a sweetheart!

And I have yummy treats like this to enjoy all year....

I am so Melancholy it's starting to get on my nerves. But I like to have everything ready to go. also if you noticed the butter it keeps the jam from getting foamy and having to skim it off the top.

and by the way this is sugar free, preservative free, and organic strawberry jam. I used organic sugarfree pectin and xylitol for the sweetening. I made half of my jam today and got 24 8oz Jars. In case you are wondering why some jars are upside down, It seals them quicker.

Now my last project for today!!!!

Have a great one, God Bless, Christina

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

succotash Tuesday...

I have had an eventful morning but when I go to write it all down I don't seem to know what to write. The kids have just been lively and i have been answering phone calls with pre-registrations for my weight loss class next week. It went very well with my interview for the paper. I am so looking forward to this challenge. It will encourage me to grow as a leader , and hold me accountable to stay consistent with this program. I think that the interview will be positive publicity for my class and it will help in the motivation department as I believe they will do another article at the end of the 12 weeks showing the results of the class.

I have been borderline obsessed with cleaning my corners and being organized. This morning I decided to rearrange the boys' room for more space and to keep Little Mister out of trouble. Little Misters crib was in one corner of the room and he had a window on each side of his bed with blinds well in reach for his short little arms to grab ahold of them and begin the destruction. Big mister is out of that phase now so we moved his bed over there and just swapped space. I then moved the two tall book shelves side by side and moved the bouncing orse back against the wall. Now I have better wall space to hang some more pictures and have a great looking room. happy with that accomplishment.

I have both boys asleep for hopefully 2 1/2 hours and want to get some tidying done and dishes. Why is it that dishes are always on the to do list? I hate that I can only feel good about that accomplishment a few hours of each day. I need a dishwasher and I have no space in my kitchen, BOO HOO!

I will be going to a family reunion this weekend and am so excited for that. I was afraid we would have to cancel because of Little Mister but he is get better and stronger. Such a trooper!

I am so dragging my feet on the whole organizing the boys' outgrown clothes. It seriously needs to be done and I know it won't take that long if I would just get started. God Help me!!

It is a beautiful day and loving the peace and quiet for a change so I am going to make a mad dash through the house and start with the boys' clothes. Ask me later if I did it to make sure I do!! i know myself to well, I can be very lazy.

God bless and have a great day. Christina

Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Madness... strawberry madness!

Here it is, The Big Monday! I have been picking berries for two hours and got about 20 more quarts, bringing to a grand total of 176 quarts of strawberries. WOW! so blessed.
I took pictures of my patch and my berries aren't looking as big and beautiful as they were at the beginning but they are still delicious.
I also took some pictures of my garden. It was hard to get too up close because it is so long and soooo I did the best I can. I am stil waiting for a few flowers to get real full so I will do my flower gardens in about another week or so.

I am so excited. I told you about my weight loss class I am starting on July 10th. Well I did an ad in the local paper and am getting some great calls from it. I have a meeting tonight with the reporter of the paper, they are doing an article on my upcoming class and my weight loss success so far. Super glad about that.

Little Mister has been fever free for a whole day and a night and his wound area on the side of his head is looking awesome, finally.

Now, for the rest of my monday madness.
*pick peas
*wash, dry, fold and putaway laundry
*clean house
*take a shower (if I don't list it I don't get it)
*organize the kitchen counters
*meet with the newspaper reporter
*organize and pack away the boys' outgrown clothes

This concludes my Monday, hope you have a great one! God Bless, Christina

Oh, also as a P.S. I tried the recipe for granola balls found here, yesterday and I kid you not less than ten minutes to make and they are sooooo delicious and nutritious. Both boys and my big boy DW love them. You can use all peanut butter if you want and I eliminated the carob powder and used protien powder. AWESOME!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A much needed girls' night!

I was really kind of bummed out the last few days because Little Mister has been running fevers again. For the most part they are staying between 100.5-102.0 but friday night it stayed at 103-104.5 untill late saturday morning. We had a family reunion on my In-laws- side and really did want to go but just felt like we needed to keep Little Mister in a bubble till we get rid of his infection. I let Dw stay inside yesterday and take care of the boys since they wanted Daddy time anyway, and I went out too my garden. I got out the roto tiller and tillesd to hearts content. Boy I am really slippin if that contents my heart, HUH! I weeded and tilled and the garden is looking beautiful. My older sister came over and picked some more strawberries as I was sore from picking thursday and some on friday. We have gotten a total of 158 quarts of berries from my patch. It is a blessing but my patch has seriously gone out of control! anyway I have been kindof stressed out and brooding or pouting the last couple days and so my husband called my older sister and asked if she was busy and we went out to dinner and shopping a little.

We wanted to try a new place for dinner so we went here...

And I ordered an amazing salad and split a goat cheese and toasted sourdough appetizer with my sister that was unbelievabley delicious.

and then we went shopping for no reason and I bought this...

and looked at this...


and had..

with this.....

MMMMMMM... now this was delicious!
We had a great time and great conversation. This did my soul good.
God Bless you today and see you soon, Christina