Saturday, May 3, 2008

More flowers!

The local greenhouse has opened for the season. I was all to excited, I told my DW that I could live in a greenhouse. The colors this year are so gorgeous, and they lots of new types of flowers. I love the trailing Verbena, and this flower that looks like a mini petunia, but they require so much watering. I have three large pots in the front of my garage that has a lot of sun. This was my project this morning, to choose the flowers that I want for those and I always do eachpot alike. I chose the Pink sizzle Geraniums (from cuttings instead of seed), upright blue lobelia, yellow biddens, and white wax begonias. First I started with height andthen color, and then filler. So that I get an eye catching pot with lots of dimension I would set the flowers by one another to make sure the colors don't clash and that I won't hide any of the flowers because they are all the same height. I will post some picture of these beauty's and if you have a sunny area this is a great assortment to purchase.
The picture of the pink geranium is up close and it shows the little blossoms that make up big clumps of blossoms. I hope you enjoyed these flowers. God Bless!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Antique toys!

I love old things, and I love toys. My boys' room is done in a classic horse theme, I have a real cowboy hat hanging on the shelf along with some cowboy boots and a picture of Big Mister wearing bothat his 2 year old session. I have navy blues and beige for my colors and bedding that matches that I made. Also displayed in the room is a beautiful horse pull toy that you can no longer buy, and a picture of big mister sitting on my hubby's saddle. Now, back to my point. I stopped at a garage sale today and they had this beautiful bouncing horse toy that was very obviously an antique. The details are very nice and it is made on a little smaller scale than most of the ones you see now days. They were asking $25.00 and I got it for $20.00. I am very 'tickled' with my purchase and will be rearranging the boys' room to fit it in there. I have included some of the pictures of my antique horse as well as some in the boys' room. I will take more pics soon. God Bless!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mothers day giveaway!

There are some amazing giveaways over at 5 minutes for moms and I wanted to share it with you all. I have a link on my sidebar that will connect you with them all. I hope I wil win some, but there are a lot of participants. good Luck and have fun!

Teeth, Bumps, and the light at the end is in sight!

My Little Mister has been so cranky and clingy for sooo long. He has been walking holding on to a push toy for what seems like forever and then he has been taking three or so steps every once in a while for about 6 weeks. Little Mister is a daring little guy, he doesn't scare easy and he will try everything. His favorite has been standing on the couches and jumping on mama and daddy's bed. He loves to wrestle with daddy and his big bro and sometimes they get a little rough.( I mean little mister just as much as the rest) It has been quite eventful the last few days; first, on saturday he finally broke through two of the four molars, AAAHH there is a flicker of hope that my sweet little one will return to me. I scheduled his one year old tuxedo portraits to be taken on tuesday and that afternoon he was running with the bro' and took a nose dive, soo sad, but it doesn't stop there. An hour later he was wrestling with the bro' on the floor with a blanket and oop's there is another nose dive. I am just sure he's gonna break his nose before the day is over. Wednesday has arrived and woohoo another molar has come to the surface, one more to go and the flicker is now a beam shining bright lighting my path to harmony. The boy's and I went on a visit to great-grandma's house and little mister looked so darling sitting at the childrens table in the little childs seat looking at a book. he was doing so well and then it was over, the chair tipped to the side and this time he did it good. His bottom teeth went almost through his upper lip and yet another nose dive. I was concerned about it being broken since it was bleeding and it was very red and swollen. I was able to press on the bridge of his nose and he didn't cry so I figured he would be okay. (after an hour I was able to touch his nose) Now my concern is picture day is tomorrow. I called my photographer who is amazing and asked if this is something that she can touch up if need be. She said that is not a problem. I think we will make through the rest of the week, I hope! Now back to my sweet little mister, I was playing with him and he was giving me the sweetest little kisses( instead of biting my lips) and giggles, Doesn't that make mothering so worth it?

I hope you have a great day, God Bless!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Contest!

I am so very excited for this contest. I love pictures, but I am by all means not the greatest at it. So check out this contest I have the link on the side of my blog, and enjoy the photo I chose to use.

You may ask why I chose this photo. I am very aware of the fact that I have two children, and am not one to choose one over the other. But, this photo (in my opinion) should be in the dictionary for the word curious. I only wish I could see the magic he see's that has been able to capture his attention. As every mother knows, a big part of the joy we expierience is seeing our children discover all that God has created and seeing it as exciting and wonderful.

God Bless, Christina

Monday, April 28, 2008

Snow much Fun!

Friday night was crop night for me and my best friend. We like to go every other friday night but that doesn't always happen. Having my "buddy" with me helps get my creative juices flowing. We're looking forward to a girls weekend in another three weeks devoted to the sole purpose of scrapping and having fun doing it. We are going to a bed and breakfast, they will do all the cooking and cleaning up. This facility has a lot of equipment and tools geared towards scrapbook and other paper crafts. If this is something you enjoy doing there are many B&B's all over that are designed for the crafter and accomodating to ladies who want to have fun. I was recently reading the 'creating keepsakes' magazine and found several places that looked like they would be fun.

I did these two pages on friday night at my "crop". I can't remember who the paper was by but I did purchase it at hobby lobby stores, I used the cricut for my letters, chipboard snowflakes, and then covered the chipboard with my cardstock and embellished with self adhesive rhinestones from wal-mart and stickles glitter glue on the letters and the snowflakes. I wish the picture would show the glitter because it does bring a lot to the page and resembles the snow.