Saturday, July 12, 2008

the little things...

I was reminded yesterday that what appears as a little thing to us insn't always so for the one on the other end. I had a full day of paperwork and needed to run to the store this morning for rice milk and oil. I packed up the kiddos and it was a beautiful day and Big Mister knows that the wal-mart deli has (his favorite) popcorn chicken. So I ask him, "Big Mister want chicken at the park? and you know the response without me telling you, but is was "SUURRE". so we went and got a couple of yogurts, chicken at the deli, and we were off to the park. The boys ate they're lunch and were off to discover the the slides and the dirt.
It wasn't untill numerous hours later when they're daddy came that I really saw how much this little unplanned event at the park meant.
Big Mister was filled with excitement as he was telling his daddy all about his time at the park and I had long forgotten already. I was reminded that it is okay that the dishes haven't been done in 24 hours, the floors need a mopping, and paper work was waiting, the days of our little ones aren't always going to be, they too will grow to be adults and have children and I want them to see that the little things are indeed the most important.
God Bless and have a great weekend,

Friday, July 11, 2008

Foto friday!

Sweet and content...

Charming and not so content...
bored and not content at all...

Looking forward...and Feel good Friday

Hi Guys, I just wanted to give an update on my class and tell you why I am feelin' good this friday. (by the way check out feel good friday here)
I had my first class last night and there were 19 registrations and next week I no at least 2 more are coming. I have another press release coming out on saturday promoting the concept of the challenge and weight loss program and also my individual success with the program. The paper messed up pretty bad on the first press release so they are redoing the article and putting it into the larger paper. There was a lot of excitement in the room, as well as reservations. both very normal and neither of which intimidate me. I am so looking forward to the celebration in 12 weeks and seeing everyone achieve success through nutrition training and the product I use as well.
I attribute my success's equally between two things one the knowledge and training I recieved in the class. And 2, Herbalife. The distributor's of herbalife in my state have come up with this program and and done all the hard work of gathering information. I know I would have lost weight on the nutrition training alone, but I lost weight at turbo speed with Herbalife. The product worked better than any I have ever tried, (which was many) and I feel better than I can ever remember. This program is now being promoted by herbalife as a corporation.

I am going to share a small story with you about myself. I was in the 5th to 6th grade and it was summer and it was hot. I remember thinking "I hate summer, it is so hot and I have no energy". Now as a 12-13 year old you should not feel so sluggish. it ws so much that I can still almost remember exactly how I was feeling on one particular day. I feel better now energy wise than I did at 12 years old.

I know I have rambled on and on the last few months about this subject, but this truly has made a phenominal impact in my life. Do I think Herbalife products are the best? yes. Do I think there are other options? yes, but not many this good, but do the research and don't settle for less. You get one body, so treat it well.

God Bless and I will post Foto friday later today, (my other passion)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

trimming on lunch...

I had a fabulous lunch. I found these low carb ww tortilla's that have 9 grams protien, 9 grams of fiber, and only 71 calories and it is a 10 inch. I putt in 2 large romaine leaves and drizzled with honey mustar (about 1 tbsp), then put about 3 oz deli turkey, a green onion, and a stick of string cheese. For a total of (you won't even believe this) but 267 calories, 34 grams of protien, and 10grams of fiber. I am 300 calories under my required so I will have a healthy snack and I am 1/4 of the way for my fiber and 1/3 of my reccomended amount of protien . In one large filling wrap and I might add delicious!!

My breakfast and lunch consists of 58 grams of protien total, 10 fiber, and 440 calories.

daily total with out snacks is 92 grams of protien, 707 calories, and 20 fiber. WOW isn't that awesome. I still need 500 calories for my day and another 20 grams of fiber and 20 more grams of protien. You do the math and you can see why I lose weight, no starvation here and lots of flexibility.

anyhoo, I am starting my class tonight and am very excited, I have a good amount of people that pre-registered and hope we have a well rounded class(no punn intended). LOL

have a great Thursday!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Succotash Tuesday...fresh style

I decided that I needed to share a fresh succotash. The origional is peas, carrotts, lima beans, and corn. I love that. When I started my first weight loss challenge I sampled a chicken salad and it was delicious. I was amazed that there was very little seasoning to add and it was so wonderful.

Fresh chicken salad

First dice the list of vegi's
-Cucumber, peeled
-g. pepper
-red bell pepper
-roma tomatoes or grape tomatoes
-green onion
- radishes
-sugar snaps
-baby carrotts

you can add other vegi's too.
Then add 4 small cans of canned chicken lightly drained.
add salt and black pepper a dash of lemon juice and stir.
Refridgerate an hour or so before eating. It looks beautiful and tastes equally delicious.

Have a great tuesday, Christina

Monday, July 7, 2008

the celebration is over... but the memories are still here!

Well here is a picture of me this 4rth of July. If you scroll down to the post on friday you can compare it to last years 4rth picture.

We have been at my family reunion in Ohio. My uncle hosted it this year and he has a beautiful home. He has put tons of work into the landscaping so we took advantage of a few photo ops. This first one of me is on the little island he has. There are a total of 3 ponds and three bridges and an adorable little island.

One of my 2nd cousins is a firefighter and brought junior fire fighter hats for all of the kids and I got some adorable pictures.

A quiet moment with my big boy!

These pictures are of us at the fireworks. i just love loved this family moment.

Isn't this just the most darling? My niece was so sweet and feminine and then her little hat on was too cute.

nd of course it is always nice to be back home. I am going to try and post each day, but I may not get to as I have so much going this week.
God Bless,