Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We have some blessings that are so worth telling you all about this week. I believe that God is trying to make his power known to my husbands family and we continue to pray for they're eternal salvation.

We recieved a call on saturday afternoon from my mother-in-law that the younger of my sister in laws was in the hospital. She was pregnant with her third child and expieriencing a great deal of pain. Her mid-wife came out and said she needs to head to the emergency room. She loss conscienceness upon arrival and they did an ultrasound to find that she had a tubal pregnancy. There was only one doctor to perform that surgery and he ws not available for another hour. During this time her tube had burst and she began bleeding internally. They thenhad to perform the surgery very quickly to save her life. They successfully removed one of her tubes, and she is now doing well. She has a 21 month old and a 6 month old at home and is getting help so she can recover properly. She realizes all to well how fortunate she is to be alive today.

We then recieved another call on Monday evening from my mother in law because my husbands other sister, the older of the two, was due very soon for her first child. She went into labor at home and was planning on a home birth but the baby's heart rate was dropping very quickly and she had to rushed to the emergency room. They discovered the cord was around the baby's neck and after 22 hours of labor she successfully delivered a baby girl and named her Viola. My sister in law realizes also how fortunate they were to have they're baby alive and well.

We are anxious to go and see the new baby but will probably wait till good friday with our work schedules.

Have a great day, Christina

Monday, March 30, 2009

my 22 week belly!

My 22 week belly. I am really carrying this one lower than the my first two. I don't do many belly pics as I have nevver had one of those cute basketball belly's but this is my baby for the time and another 16-18 weeks. Hopefully I can deliver in 16 weeks, I may have to beg tho! Whatever works. Have a great Monday! Christina