Friday, November 7, 2008

Where do I start?

I visited some of you all yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't get my post up. I had started at about 9:30 in the morning raking leaves in the front yard, and the next door neighbor was so gracious and brought his leaf mulcher over. He had 3/4 of the leaves picked up and mulched by the time I had 10 bags of leaves raked and picked up. he put all the mulched leaves in a pile then all I had to do was put them in a bag. Mulching eliminates about half the amount of bags and it makes so I didn't have to do all that raking. I ended up with 25 bags in the front yard and then I got started on the backyard. Growing up we would take a flat sheet and lay it on the ground and rake all the leaves onto the sheet. It saves so much time picking up and i can get about 3 wheelbarrow loads on the sheet at one time. I am walking like an intoxicated santa but at least it is quicker. After about 15-20 of those loads I called it a day, plus it was dark so I couldn't see where to rake anymore.
This morning I awoke feeling every fiber of muscle that resides in my body and they are all screaming at me for hurting them soooooooo much. Well boo hoo but I am taking a few tylenol and going back out in a bit to get it done before bad weather hits us. My husband should love me lots by then!LOL!

I am meeting with my friend tonight to finish a scrapbook for the baby shower we are doing on Sunday for a friend. We still need to get the grocery shopping done for it and then tommorrow we will do the cooking and hopefully have a great time on sunday. I guess that means I better clean my house as well since it will be here. HUH?

As you can see I have many tasks and better get to them, have a great weekend, Christina

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


the outcome of the election is taking time to process on all levels of government. I'm not going to talk about democrat or republican. What I do want to talk about is conviction.
When I went to the poles I voted based on my conviction steming from the word of God. What does the Lord say about the issues and then after that was established firmly in my mind what are my choices that won't go against those moral truths that not only God talks about but also what this country was founded on. Whether I thought my vote was going to be a win or a loss, I voted with the intent to please my heavenly father. ultimately I am accountable for my individual choice, and the choice I make or anyone else makes speaks very loudly what is on our hearts. I have always believed there is black and there is white, there is no grey. Yes or No, For or Against.
Now let me ask you, "Did you vote for the majority, or did you vote your convictions"?

God is ultimately in control and I have peace within me that his will always prevail and he allows only what he chooses to allow. I am grateful for my freedom of religion, and i will pray that the Lord will blwess this country and that his power is revealed.

Have a great wednsday and God Bless, Christina

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A day for...

...reading at the Library, and socializing with other children and moms. we are all there with a common goal and very similar lives. It's important to us all that our children get the socialization and learn the importance of reading at a young age. I love helping Big Mister pick out new books and i always choose a few that are going to peak his interest as well as advance him in the verbal skills that he is lagging on.

...using your given right as an american to stand for what you believe in and head to the poles and vote. It is so important to understand first what are the issues that god stands for and based on those we need to make a very moral decision on whom we vote for to run our and lead our country.

...for trusting the Lord and lean not on our own understanding.

...enjoying yet another day of warmer weather and Autumn beauty.

Have a great day, Christina

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good bye is only for a little while!

Today is bittersweet for me. One of my little sisters is leaving on an adventure today. I say my goodbyes late last night. But I keep wondering all morning is she ready, has she got all her important papers, is she excited or scared or both, how will it be to not hear her voice and constant chatter for two months. You see she's leaving for the country Brazil for two months, and she has a special beau waiting there for her. This will be the first time she meets his family and she's excited to expierience his culture. He comes from a christian family of four. He is kind and very adoring of my sister. I am so envious of all she gets to expierience but also very happy for her. She has had so many obstacles the last couple months and she is constantly in prayer and wanting the will of gd for her life. I admire her perseverance and her strength as she embarks on her journey. It is with a lump in my throat and a few tears that I say goodbye and pray for safe travels. If you new her you would know she is the peacemaker in our large family of ten and she is an encourager, always willing to do for others and a servant at heart.

God bless Anita, have a great time, and remember we Love you very much!