Wednesday, March 26, 2008

... about Big Mister!

Little Mister has been the topic of my latest blogs due to the milestones in his little life lately. I want to introduce "Big Mister" to you in this posting.

He is my first born, I didn't think I was ready for children and yet soon after my husband and I were married we had a surprise; "We're PREGNANT"! Many thoughts and emotions consumed us for a while and we were trying to adjust to being newly married so as you can imagine we were not elated at first. My biggest fear as a young girl was always having a child, Labor and delivery, PAIN! The Lord new why he designed the productive cycle the way he did, it gave us nine months to prepare and be ready for our little bundle.
The day came, we had to be induced a couple weeks early, we did not know what the sex of our child was going to be, that excitment and anticipation was definately what I needed to get me through. 28 hours, no pain medication, hard labor, and ended with a c-section. That was it in a nutshell. We were blessed with a beautiful little boy 8lbs. 6oz. 20 1/2" long. I have such a wonderful husband that was compassionate and understanding when the emotions were up and down and the tears of joy and fear would creep in.

Big Mister was a little boy that new what he wanted and when he wanted it. He had his daddy wrapped around not one but all his little fingers. He has such a zest for life we were also inspired by him to live in the moment, no rules!

He started out loving horses; one of his first words was horse in the dutch language. he was borderline obsessed with the idea of horses. Then he saw the movie cars and developed another passion for cars and would imagine his own race track that resided on the living room coffee table; but his latest and the most passionate love has been for TRAINS. First the thomas and friends collection and then the model trains and now anything that goes choo choo or chugga chugga is fabulous. It has been about a year and he is just as crazy for the trains as he was in the beginning.

Big Mister is a true gentleman at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 years old. He say's please and thank you; your welcome and bless you; i'm sorry and excuse me. He also lets us know if we don't use our manners. I love dressing him like a gentleman and loves being a boy playing in the dirt and and running free.

It has been an adventure so far with Big Mister and we are so proud to have him as our little boy and we look forward to each year to see him grow and learn and to be an encourager to him.


BrandyB said...

You have beautiful babies, Christina!

Anonymous said...

Little mister really is a sweet and wonderful little boy with a smile that can melt you, even when he's being naughty. I wish we lived closer so he and my little stinker could grow up together more. Katrina