Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life with children...

I am truly exhausted after this fun filled weekend with my children, and many other children. First I had Little Mister's first birthday party; I think I'll start from the beginning... My husband was so gracious as to help me with moving the furniture and mopping the house, this gave me the time to bake the cupcakes, bake the carrot cake, and start cooking for about 30 people. The menu was french fries, homemade mac-n-cheese, corn, bbq meatballs, and bread and jam. I decided to make the punch out of sprite and tang, delicious! Then of course cake and ice cream. The party was set for 5pm, Little Mister started crying about 4pm because his gums are hurting trying to break in 4 1yr molars at once; yes FOUR!! half of my guests were about 45 minutes late, and Little mister is still screaming. We let everyone eat while we gave tylenol and motrin, oragel and tender loving care. At about 6:30pm we put him in the bath tub to see if that would help, and it did. So, we moved the party into the bathroom. Several guests had brought him bath toys for his gifts so we opened presents and gawked at a naked little boy playing in the water. One toy was a "musical water dolphin set (which he loves and is very cute) and the other was a bath time bubble maker. It is way cool check it out at this website.
At this time of approx 7:15 pm we had a relatively happy child, clingy, but we can make it work. We gave him his cake and preceeded to destroy it very slowly with a spoon because he apparently doesn't like yucky's. Now it's in the tub again for a quick wash down and then open the gifts. Whew! i think I'm worn out all over again.

Now it's Easter sunday and we were to church on time and enjoying the service till about 10min to the end. An usher tapped on my shoulder and I went to the nursery where Little Mister was screaming yet again for the gums were swollen and quite painful. We snuck him out the side door of the church as not wanting to traumatize anyone else. We did the no no and held him in the backseat all the way to Grandma's house. Our Easter dinner was fun I had the idea to have a salad bar! Everyone brought different vegi's and salad toppings and then added roasted fingerling potatoes and a fruit and chocolate fondue spread. It was healthy and delicious. The dishes are done and the children are restless for the big "hunt"! since we were surprised with a snow storm on good friday, we had the easter egg hunt inside and everyone was still happy.

Ohh I almost forgot the most emotional expierience of the weekend...
Little Mister's 1rst Haircut!!!
I will do a post on this tommorrow along with pictures!
I hope you all had a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

One day he'll look back and be so embaressed, specialy with all of us moving to the bathroom with him. But I know It's something you'll always cherish. Hopefully all the teeth will come in soon. But when it's all over we long for some of those baby moments again. Katrina