Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tummy tub!

Although my children are 3 & 1 years old; I wanted to promote a product for infants that was truly a God send. My first son was very colicy and we tried switching different milk bases and gas drops, not to mention the list of home remedies we tried.

"Big Mister was about 6 weeks old and being a first time mother suffering from postpartum more than I wanted to admit; I was exhausted and frustrated. I finally broke down this one particular afternoon, and called my mother and vented my frustration with a screaming baby for hours at that point and many days in a row with the same ritual. I figured she must know something being that she had given birth to 8 children herself. Mom came right over and called a favorite Aunt on the way; she had what I like to call "Baby Magic". My Aunt had a special bathtub that was designed in europe for the purpose of relieving stomach pain and discomforts due to colic or any reason. I used it untill at least 6 months old with "Big Mister" and 10months old with "Little Mister".
I have not hesitated getting the tumy tub out and using it at 3am in the morning or in the middle of dinner. The results were so great that it was worth taking the time to put them in it as opposed to walking the floor for several hours. I am curious to hear what others have to say about this product positive or negative.

I included some pictures so you can see how it works. Also you can see a video and more information on the science of the Tumy tub.


Anonymous said...

I have to get that tub. I do not want to be with a new born without. I think they look so cute in it. Those really are a god send. Katrina

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i used it only a few times...i got lucky...Tulip had no problem relieving gas. :-) but my sister LOVED it as much as you do.

Lisa said...

Those pictures are too funny!
I wonder if they make them in daddy size?!

Sonya said...

wow...that's cool. I've never seen anything quite like that before. I'm glad it worked for you little ones.