Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Madness

I hope I don't sound completely crazy, but it seems when the weekend is over and I have tried to cram every little event into those two days as much as possible, somehow by sunday night, I feel like I have completely sat around the last couple days and so I need to do a whole list of duties that could fill a week up; into one day, MONDAY! This brings me to Monday Madness!

I try to enjoy the morning with the kids, and remember, Oh I should balance the checkbooks, write out any bills, check my e-mail, call my sisters, wash the laundry and pile all the clean clothes on the sofa (because that will motivate me to fold it sooner) haha!! Now that we have come this far it's noon; time to feed the kids and put them both down for naps. Whew, finally I can relax a little.

The best way for me to relax is plant some more flowers! I purchased some more perennials this weekend that I am excited to share about. One is a 'Flax sapphire', and the other is 'soapwort'. These both like sunny areas and will come up each year which is what I am trying to plant the most of this year.

I planted those and some outdoor Ivy and went back inside to finish the dishes and laundry.
This evening after dinner and the hubby was home, we went out to rotortill the garden and we have planted about 60 ft of sugar snap peas, 60 ft of sweet peas, and about 45 ft of jade green beans. I have to tell you the jade green beans are from gurneys and it is the only kind that we all love and
that I will freeze. It grows super well and produces a ton. all in all my day has been satisfactory and productive. We are excited to plant the rest of our garden throughout this week. I have ordered my summer squash (my favorite of all the squashes besides butternut) and beets seeds and should get those in a couple days. Our favorite sweet corn is the 'peaches and cream', it is super delicious. I have rambled on long enough so I will see you in the blog world again tommorrow.
God bless, Christina

P.S. Don't forget to check out the blog birthday bash, just click on the link on the side of my blog.
P.S.S. Also for anyone remembering and wondering, today is day 5 of potty training and he is doing awesome.


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i'm so glad that big mister is doing so well w/ his potty training! woo-hoo!!!!! that's awesome!

Wendi said...

I hear ya on the Monday thing. Always a bit of a crazy day at our house.
This is such an exciting time of year isn't it? The flowers, the planting. I love peaches and cream sweet corn too. It is so delicious. My mouth is watering for it now. This year I think Dave and I are only going to have a salsa garden (Dave makes really good salsa!), then share his parents produce. They always have several huge gardens.
So potty training is a succees so far?! YAY! That is super great news! We had some succeses and some failures on that issue yesterday. One of the failures was really not pleasant... :)

Lisa said...

Yay on potty training.
Mondays are my busiest coffee days :)
Love the flowers!

amanda said...

thanks for stopping by my world!

and thanks too for the flower pictures!! sooo pretty :) helps ease the monday madness!