Friday, May 16, 2008

Weight loss victory!

My wonderful dear friend Amber is not a blogger but we are in the same weight loss challenge. She has finally applied a very simple and basic principle called the food log and WOOHOO she lost 3.5 pounds this week. I have all the faith in her that she will accomplish her goal and she is ever so beautiful inside and out. I am very proud of her and this great step to becoming healthier.


Shell said...

yayy to weightloss for your friend.

The food log really is an invaluable tool isn't - always surprises me somedays when you think you have not had that much to eat, or many calories - and then you total everything up and think WOW!

Lisa said...

Wow 3 1/2 pounds in one week :)

Natalie said...

yeah for her!!!!

Purple Teacup said...

Yea Amber! My husband lost 8.5 lbs. the first week he did WW, and then he forgot to write things down and gained 3.5 back. Yikes!

Jori said...

It's always good to have a support system. Sounds like Amber has a great one with you!
Have a great weekend away!!