Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Books, books, and more

Hi, I have sat down several times today to chat with you all, and somehow always get distracted. I have been on a mission to do small things on my to-do list first, and then I will be so encouraged and inspired through my victory of accomplishment that I will get my larger to-do's done.
So what have I gotten done today that was small? BOOKS! I condense the boys' toys down every spring since they just don't play as much inside anymore and decided that all books that they have are too heavy for the wire shelving that we were using , but would work great for a couple toys per shelf. It would eliminate the large toy box and allow just enough toys that I won't be spending hours picking up after them or trying to get them to pick them up. Dilema! Where do I put the books? DW says he can make me a short stack book shelf and it would make a cute little nook area with they're rocking chair. That was the end of MARCH and since then they have been in cardboard boxes in my entry room, WELCOME! I was no longer having it.
The other area of annoyance for me is the boys' bedroom. I have these 2 great narrow solid wood bookshelves and I have been using them for blankets and baskets for the socks and shoes, bibs and so forth. I did a somewhat larger project that has taken two days. I organized the dressers so the outgrown winter clothes were out and the summer clothes were in, and condensed the blankets and the baskets to where I now have three EMPTY SHELVES! BINGO!BOOKS! I am breathing a little slower and feel like by taking baby steps with small projects, I have accomplished a large task. I have after pictures here for you and if you are wondering why there is a cut off cardboard box on oneof the toy shelves, its because I need to find a basket that I can put the simple little 'golden books' books in. YEAH for me!

My next area is organizing all the clothes from newborn to now that the boys don't wear in rubbermaid totes by clothing size so I know exactly where to go if someone wants to borrow and when Little Mister grows into big Misters clothes. I take pretty good care of they're clothes and throw away any with stains so it's worth storing.

By the way I have been using a stain remover that is color safe and is a miracle with clothing stains and am no longer able to get it any more. I am at a loss on what to buy that actually works on all stains. Any ideas? I am desperate for something very soon. I have boys ya know.

Also I am going to take pictures of my pathetic bedroom and work on getting it too look like my haven or love nest what ever floats your boat. I am going to try and get it done in the next 2 weeks. Ask me about it so I don't let it go.

Any way have a great wednsday and we'll see you soon. Christina


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, don't get me started on storing baby clothes. I only have one...and I'm already at a loss on where to keep all of the outgrown clothes.

I don't have any ideas on stain removers, but let me know if you come up with something...I'm looking for a good one too.

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Wow, that looks neat & tidy!

My, oh, my...I can't stand the 'clothes sort'. With my three little guys, it seems that every time I turn around, I'm resorting clothing sizes. What a job!

Maybe we should just go down to one outfit for each day of the week to make it a little less of a job. No, wait...I forgot that we live in a place where you often have to dress for three different seasons in the same day. Ha!

katrina said...

I just finished organizing clothes this morning and that's only because hubby is home to watch the kids. I hate trying to organize in a small apartment. Just no room. I also need a stain remover so let me know if you find one.

Elena said...

Great job on the books! I need to do this for my daughter. As far as stain removal I use Spray & Wash on fresh stains, let it soak a little bit and then wash it right away. My sweet mother-in-law is the laundry queen of all time! To be a good stain remover you have to be part chemist I think:) Martha Stewart has a lot of stain removal info on her website. Here is a link to her stain removal chart that I have and it does work:)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I am very lucky that my sister has two younger daughters can pass off the baby clothes I just need to find someone expecting a boy and I can give them the boys clothes :)

I got the LG steam washer and it seems to take out all the stains, really :) I do remember before the washer, I would soak clothes in a bucket with oxi-clean and laundry detergent for 2-3 days.

The rooms look so tidy--when are you coming over to help me?

Purple Teacup said...

I can't live without Oxi-Clean, and hooray for organizing! I am in the midst of our basement right now.