Friday, June 27, 2008

Feel good friday! and Foto Friday!

I love my origional Foto Friday and want to stay with it, but I also love what Mommy etc.. is doing with Feel good Friday. So I am doing both.

For feel good friday we need to write about what makes us feel good or what we are thankful for.

For starters I am going to go with the most recent blessing, My Aunt Esther called on Wednsday and offered her assistance since she knew I have been busy with sick kids and am probably a little behind. I was so grateful for the help. She turned my whole livingroom (which is huge) upside down and scrubbed my walls and floors (by hand), she dust, washed windows, and vaccumed my couches. As if that wasn't enough while Little Mister was sleeping it gave me a chance to pick strawberries (another 13 qts.) and Big Mister loves Aunt Esther too, and she sat down with him and gave him attention and let him babble about his trains that meant the most! I was able to take a shower and actually shave my legs since she was watching the boys. she came with little presents for both of the boys, which they didn't pay so much attention to yesterday, but it was the first thing they played with today. I am grateful al the help and I went one day with out getting whiplash from going in a million directions.

I am grateful for a wonderful husband, I would not be the mother or wife that I am with out him being such a rock for me.

I am ever so grateful for my weightloss coach, Amanda is so much fun and she makes the journey a little brighter and now she is helping me get started with my own weightloss class and teaching all about being a coach.

These are just a few of the things that make me feel good this friday! Check out Mommy etc... and join mr linky for Feel Good Friday!

Now for Foto Friday!

Our town has a little celebration each year and this year they had a hot air ballon show at the airport. We got some great pictures and am sure you all will think so too. It was a gorgeous night but a little breezy and so not many balloons could go up but we still enjoyed ourselves.
By the way I have another post below this one for today as well, God Bless, Christina


Mari said...

Those are great pictures - I especially like the first one. Little Mister looks like he is feeling better!
PS - congrats on the award!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Fun pictures!

Becoming Me said...

Awesome photos and wonderful positive feel good post as well

Manuela said...

What a wonderful day out for the family!

Thank you so much for the honour--what a beautiful award. I'll have to include it on Monday's post.

The weather is a bit iffy but my plan is to go out to a lavender farm approx. 1 hr. from home. I'll take lots of pictures!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I love those colorful pictures! It looks like Little Mister is doing much better :)

Happy Feel Good and Foto Friday!

Elizabeth said...

whoa...look how baggy your pants are getting! VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Elena said...

I just love the picture of your little boy reaching up at pointing to the hot air balloon. Good job!

Krissie said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! There's nothing better than spending a lovely day with family.