Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making a difference...

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As many of you are aware, an aquaintance of mine through cousins and my aunt and now a blogging friend has had the misfortune of going to a doctors visit with the anticipation of hearing the heartbeat of the child that is so loved even in the early stages of it's life; and hearing the heartbreaking diagnosis that this child that is so loved already, will not be born. I encourage you to first read her thoughts here on how she felt receiving the news. I know I have never met a more sincere wife and mother, one who her love for Christ is so evident in all she does.

The amazing part of Wendi's story is that this is not the first heartbreak that she has endured. She also gave birth to twin boys very premature. After ten days the oldest of the two little darlings had gone to be with the Lord. If you click here Wendi will take you through her journey of loss and peace that God is in control.

Wendi has an amazing blog that is always a must read for me because she is so encouraging and open with her faith and the daily struggles in life and how God gets her through.

My cousin Elizabeth is a personal friend of Wendi and her husband Dave, and together we have been so inspired by the grace that is displayed by this couple and we wanted to give back in a way that would touch they're hearts in a loving way. I think I can speak for Wendi and say that 'The march of dimes" is where Wendi's heart beats strongly. I understand that she is a huge supporter of the foundation. Elizabeth and I are teaming up with all of you blogging mothers out there to make a difference in Wendi's life and in other mothers who may go through this heartbreaking expierience. We have set up a link so anyone can donate to The March of Dimes in honor of Wendi's unborn child. Keep in mind no donation is to small.

If you could post a blog about the donations to The March of Dimes in honor of Wendi's baby and leave a comment saying you have put a link on your blog that would great.

Here is the link to donate to 'The March of Dimes!
We will be running this for 2 weeks.

God Bless everyone,



Kathryn said...

She sounds like an amazing person. Thank you for the link. And for sharing her story.

Also, I wanted to thank you for commenting on my post the other day. I really appreciate it!

OHmommy said...


Thanks for sharing.

Wendi said...

This is so amazing...very unexpected, but so very like you and Elizabeth. :)Sweet, kind, godly women.
Thank you.

gelinlik said...

nice web site

Manuela said...

Thank you for sharing her story.

On a totally different line of thought, I'd like to hear how your jam works out. My mother is diabetic and we were talking about trying some with Splenda. I didn't know about lite Pectin--I'll be looking for that!

Enjoy it and that old project of yours. You'll have to share some pictures.

Danielle said...

What a thoughtful way to honor her baby.