Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Succotash Tuesday!

Here it is tuesday and I feel like I have been away from the blogging world for forever. I have not gotten a chance to read up on so many of my favorite blogs and am trying to today. The boys' are doing better but we have a few issues that need some research and possibly some new doctors that at least pretend that they care about the patients. The pox is pretty much gone, Little Mister has a few more spots that need to fall off.
Yesterday I was busy weeding my garden and picking sugar snaps and strawberries!! I got 5 quarts on saturday and yesterday I got 15 quarts!! WOW! I was pleased and should have about another 10 quarts to pick tommorrow. I froze 10 quarts yesterday and the rest is n the fridge to eat till we turn red.
On saturday we also had my younger sister out to help me get caught up after a week from ****. She painted our fence and gate that goes from the front to the back yard, picked my strawberries and helped with laundry and dishes. That was nice and very appreciated.
I did not blog about my weightloss last week because I missed weigh-in since I was at the doctors with Little Mister. He ot a condition at 10 months old in february called Henoch-Schönlein Purpura os HSP for short. He was also very sick with pnemonia and double ear infection at the same time. Hsp in a nutshell is where they have swelling and inflamation in the joints and not usually but can also get swelling on the head. The Purpura part of this condition is where the blood vessels burst and cause bleeding into the joints and also in the colon and kidneys. Little mister first started swelling around his left ear and then it spread to half of his head and was very tender and painful to touch. He then started to swell in the knees ankles and calves. All the joints were black and blue from the bleeding into the joints. He also got large purple red spots all over his body many the size of a dime. He was fortunate to not have bleeding in the kidneys or colon. This condition is usually a one time occurance but could happen a second time, but very unlikely. Well he got it again last week, first he got a terrible case of the chicken pox, then he had fevers for three days where it stayed between 102- 104.7 degrees for the most part, and by tuesday he started swelling around the left ear and by thursday it was swollen arond both sides of his face and down his neck and virtually quit walking by wednsday. The doctors were not concerned at all as to what was causing the condition just treating the symptoms till it goes away. Most of the swelling had gone down by saturday afternoon but was still painful to touch and he wasn't walking much yet. He started walking alot yesterday but he needs tylenol about every 6 hours for pain. he appears to have headaches, because he grabs his head and cries till we give him the tylenol. after about 40 minutes or so he settles down and plays or goes to sleep. I have a lot of mixed feelings about what to do at this point. Do I see how it all clears up? or Do I pursue more testing just in case it is something more they are not finding? Little Mister was very traumatized by the first episode. He ws catherized twice and had at least 2 pokes for every blood draw because they couldn't find his veins. All the IV's and junk and we were no further ahead. I don't want a repeat of that scenario but I don't want they're to be a larger issue and I am ignoring it. Opinions are appreciated.
I think I unloaded, who knew it could go from strawberries to Sick stuff. I am very excited about another project I am working on. I am starting my own weight loss challenge class. I have been working with my coach and since I am going to be doing the current program for a while yet but have had great results I decided to do my own class and have a small income from something I am already doing. I have been working on some online training plus mentoring with my coach who is wonderful.
I finished planting the last of my flowers and vegis now, I think. I added some more corn, green beans, pumpkins and a cherry tomato plant for my patio garden. I will do many pictures and have a garden slideshow in about a month when everything is thick and lush. I am from the north so it takes longer for us to get our stuff.
I am so missing my church. I have only been to church one time since may 4rth. I feel so out of the loop and out of tune. I am looking forward to my tune-up on sunday.
I think I will let that be enough for you to digest for the day. Blog with you soon,


katrina said...

I just want to cry everytime I see little mister like that. No child should have to go through that. I'm so glad he's feeling better. I am soooooo jealous of your garden. I so wish I could have one. But my time will come for that. Sounds like it's doing great.

Lisa said...

Poor little guy--that must have been awful! I am so glad he is felling better.
Could you help me with my struggling garden? Your sounds incredible!

Vixbil said...

Poor Little Mister. I am so sorry for him and hope he keeps feeling better. Good luck with your weight loss challenge too I will follow with interest

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Glad you're back with us! Wow, poor little guy. It's so heartbreaking to see them go through something like that.

Good for you for starting your own weight loss class! I wish I lived closer, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Elizabeth said...

poor little mister... i hope you find a doc who is more interested in his case. so sad!

Elena said...

I'm so sorry your little guy had to struggle with that condition. I'm glad he is doing better. I probably would do some research to see if other children had this condition that keeps reoccuring. It never hurts to turn over some stones and see if the Lord gives you some insight. We know he is the Great Physician and can lead us in the direction we are to go.

BrandyB said...

OH Christina! I am so sorry to hear your little guy is in pain. I don't have children so I always feel weird giving my opinion but I would insist on some more tests or something. Just seems weird that they said it probably wouldn't come back and it did. And also seems like your not happy with their bedside manor. My prayers are with you so you can figure out the right thing to do and hopefully things get better quickly.


Wendi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I know what it is like to struggle with medical difficulties with your child. It is so hard! I'm very thankful to know that you have God's strength flowing throuh you as you face these rough times. I'm praying for you friend! I'll be intersted to hear how things proceed.

Purple Teacup said...

Poor guy. Those pictures break my heart. Follow YOUR heart to guide you what to do for him next....