Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Succotash Tuesday...

Tuesday is here again and boy has it been a doozy so far. I was up very late last night. My strawberry patch has been ignored for obvious reasons ans they were over ripe. DW started picking at 5:30 pm and stopped at 10:00 pm with 1/3 of the patch left to do. I was able to get 40 quarts cleaned and in the freezer for the winter and ready for jam. We unfortunately picked another 28 quarts but they had all spoiled on the bushes still and had to be dumped. How sad I was. but what could I do. i had so much on my plate for today spending another 1 1/2 hours picking wasn't going to happen. I called my big sis and said if you pick you can have em. She was happy to get 20quarts picked to take home. all total this season so far my patch that started with 50 plants two years ago has produced a total of 120 quarts and about 30 of them were thrown away. I expect I will still get about 10-15 quarts.

I finally scrubbed my bathroom down really well. I have ceramic tile with WHITE grout and this is not easy to clean or keep clean. I found some magic cleaner and am excited to see white again.

I have finally organized the boys' closet and dressers, I still had all of the winter stuff in there. How terrible is that. I ferel like I can breeze a little better now since I have 2 area's in my house breathing again.

Oh, for all of you health nuts out there. I have tons of oatmeal and wasn't sure what to make for dinner and was feeling rather lazy to put it honestly. What on earth can you cook in under 30 minutes and healthy? PANCAKES! Pancakes you may say is not healthy. You are right, but I have all this oatmeal and I thought maybe I could just throw it in my pancakes instead of that flour stuff. My best bud Layla was here and it did NOT sound very appetizing to her so she said I better call the Big Sis. Well turns out she had a recipe that she always uses and it is mostly made of oatmeal. They were so yummy and Layla even liked them. so here's how I made them.
Oatmeal Pancakes
First boil 1 1/4 cup water and put in bowl.
then add 2tbsp. honey or maple syrup and stir in 2 cups oatmeal.
Let that set while you mix the rest of the ingredients.
Mix 1 cup flour (you can use some soy or whey protien powder
for part of your flour) then add 2 tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp oil and 2 large eggs a pinch of salt
and about 1-2 tsp vanilla
mix in oatmeal mixture and add 1 1/4 cup milk.
for best cooking results use a flat pancake griddle that is non-stick
at 300-350 degrees. after pouing batter onto the griddle I sprinkled with
bluberries that I had in the freezer from picking last summer. Delicious.
These are now low in gluten and high in fiber and protien, I had 2 pancakes about 4" in diameter and 2 eggs with a about 3 oz of my homemade canned deer and turkey bologna. I know I had my 35 grams of protien and stayed with in my 600 calorie mark for dinner.
Little Mister's doctor visit confirmed that things are healing, slowly but moving towards progress. His bloodwork came back that his Immune system is right where it should be, and no serious abnormalties in the infection level of his body. He has a great appetite now and is playing better than he has for weeks possibly even months. Doctor's say he just drew the wrong straw and so unfortunately he get's sick more than other kids.
I have enjoyed spending a part of my tuesday with you all and will be you you again soon, god Bless, Christina


Elizabeth said...

hey-those pancakes sound great...that might be dinner one night this week or family breakfast on friday or saturday (esquire is taking friday OFF!). :-) so glad that lil mister is doing better...what an uphill battle it's been for the little guy.

tulip is also eating better...her lunch was avg but her dinner was almost normal...about 1oz of meatloaf & about 3-4 oz (at least) of yogurt & organic berryapplesauce mixed.

good job w/ all the berries. i can't see myself ever even wanting a garden...i'd rather just buy your canned goods or whatever you're making from you! i'll pay well...promise! *wink*

virginia said...

I am glad you liked the pancake recipe .We always enjoy it.Sounds like you outdid yourself today.Better take some mom time.Thanks again for the strawberries.love you ,sis

BrandyB said...

That is tons of fruit! Good for you!

Another option for pancakes is:
2 eggs
1/4c oatmeal
1 scoop protein powder
milk or half tub of yougert.
you can put fruit in if you want :)
- whisk in bowl and pour in skillet.

I love these. They are easy. The above would be for just one person. They are really low in calories and are QUICK! You can also wrap them in tinfoil and put them in the fridge.

You can also use spray butter and cinnamon or natural peanut butter for topping :)

Elena said...

Wow,your strawberry patch sounds great. I just planted 9 plants in my small flower bed, I wonder what they will do next year? I am so happy to hear that your little guys immune system is OK. That was my prayer. I will pray that he continues to recover quickly. God bless you!

katrina said...

We just had pancakes for dinner the other day. Now I will have to try this one. I can't wait until I can do strawberries. Thankfully I can get them fairly cheap at the flea market. So glad everything came back normal and that Little mister is feeling so much better! Love ya and see you soon.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

YAY for Little Mister :)

The pancakes sound interesting--I am a HUGE oatmeal eater but I am very picky--I only like McCain's Irish Oatmeal(steel cut oats) slow cooked with a touch of real maple syrup, dried cranberries, and walnuts. I'm a nut I know :)

So don't you feel so much better when you start the day with a healthy breakfast?!