Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weight loss Class!

Hi all you blogging weight loser's out there. I am so sorry haven't been very dedicated with this every week. I have been so side tracked with sick children that I haven't tracked my progress the last few weeks. I have missed the last 2 weigh in's since I was in the hospital with Little Mister and finally got to go tonight. I have one more weigh in for this challenge. I think I just might reach my goal.
But, for now and tonight I am excited to say I have lost another 6.5 lbs and have my official 45lbs lost button on my sidebar. Next week we will have our final weigh in and measurments and see who the winners are. I am pretty sure I will at least be 3rd place, but tam hoping for 2nd. I have fearce competition with a husband and wife team, they both have lost a good amount of weight. They had made a decision that weight loss isn't an option it is a choice and you just do it. Which brings around a point I have learned and have been pondering on the past week. I started my journey on January 2nd thinking all was going to be roses because "I" decided to lose weight. But it has been the complete opposite, instead I have had a lot of obstacles (children in hospital 5 times, wknd getaways, holidays, etc.) in achieving my goal, and have had to remain very focused on the end result. I love attention and am sure it is f no surprise to many friends and family who read this blog, and when I achieve my levels of sucess and start looking better I get attention and that is a driving force for me to reach (ultimately) my end goal of 106.9lbs by the end of 2008! So everyone can just keep up the good work of praise and tooting my horn. I love it!

I will be very excited to post my results next week!
God Bless, Christina


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Awesome, just awesome!!! It's amazing how nothing has kept you from your goal--you will definately lose those 106.9 pounds by the end of the year!

(Please stop by my blog, I have a non-fat treat for you :) )

Purple Teacup said...


Elizabeth said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Seriously! 45 lbs!

AND...I see that Lisa commented earlier, you are going to LOVE her post today. *wink*

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You are so incredible. I am soooo stinkin' proud of you! I love seeing those buttons go up on your sidebar showing your are so determined. I had a not-so-good week this past week, but I'm not going to give up.