Thursday, July 3, 2008

two observations...

Okay, two observations on two totally different subjects.

One, I always thought it was so adorable when a child loves his blankie and won't go anywhere without it. I changed my mind! The blanket thing is out of control when it is drug everywhere and there is dried on food, milk drippings that now smell fermented and sticky syrup on it, and we are still wanting to chew on it? Oh, no so not happening in my house. I put that bad boy in the washer (all tho it ends up there every week already) and you would think it is the end of the world. I have been listening to crying non-stop till the washer stopped and then he (Little Mister) spotted me taking it out of the washer to put it into the dryer. the world was coming to an end, so I gave him a damp blankie and was done with it!

Two, We were hearing about a thunderstorm moving in but we were on the outskirts of the storm, no big deal. OH, BUT it became a big deal. I was on the phone complaining about my nagging one year old to my good friend Layla and all of a sudden it sounded like rocks were being thrown at the house and I was like "what in the world is going on" and looked out the window and it ws hailing. Not just hail, but nickel to quarter size hail. I thought people were just stretching they're story a bit but there it was bouncing all over my yard. and We had so much water everywhere. WHOA!

After dinner last night we decided to go driving and check out the area. It looked like we had a twister go through a very large area, there are so many trees down, and many homes and buildings had small amounts of damage, and a lot of damaged crop. I hope no one has been seriously hurt.

Any Hoo, those are my observations and hoping for a great day and a great weigh-in!
God Bless, Christina


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Get that roof checked ASAP--we have been through a few of those hail storms; feels like one of the plagues. The twister is scary--I am glad y'all are safe!

On the blanket--could you get a second so you could wash the first?!

Elizabeth said...

We get hail several times a week's so common I barely notice. It was really strange to me in the beginning...especially b/c 5 minutes later we'd have BRIGHT beautiful sun & blue skies.

Which blankie does lil mister love...i think you told me before but I don't remember. I think it wasn't one that i crocheted but a different one, right?

mamachristina said...

Great idea Lisa, but this blanket was one he kept taking from my nephew in ohio and so we found out they don't sell them anymore but another friend still had one left and gave that to him and of course that would be the one he loves. I have tried giving him others that are similar but not the same.

Elizabeth, he does love the one you made him as well, and that was much cooler for when he had his fevers and so then that was the favorite then.

I think we will look at the roof, thanks Lisa.

Mari said...

It's been storming here too. We had the hail and winds - lots of trees down and damaged buildings. Glad you are all okay!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I hear ya on the blankie issue. My 2-year-old used to drag his around everywhere. Now I make him keep it in his bed, but it still needs the weekly wash (it's nearly stiff by the time I wash it). Yuck!

Where are the pictures of the hail?!?! When you get a fantastic storm, you've gotta take pictures!

katrina said...

That is so funny about the blanket. Mom was crying with laughter on that one. I think he is worse than little g on the blanket thing. Glad we didn't have that storm. See you soon.

katrina said...

The blanket is the one he kept taking from your niece not your nephew. Ha Ha

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh! The good ol' security blanket...yep. Except for Savannah it is her trusty Pooh Bear, which is disgusting and filthy, and harder to wash than a blanket because it will eventually fall apart.

I love storms, but hail sort of freaks me out... you never know what kind of damage it can cause. Is your garden ok?

Manuela said...

We had a lot of rain the day before and how happy was I to find that my basement had a mini flood!

Fortunately my rug soaked it all up (NOT!) and most of it went down the drain but I spent most of yesterday drying it out and cleaning up. No damage so that's good.

I hope the haid didn't hurt you all. Loved the pictures of your jam. Do you like the taste of the sugarfree? I made some freezer jam for my mother and just don't care for that aftertaste.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend :)

Leslie said...

this is so funny, I too always thought it was so so cute... until Rylan is now attached to bunny, and I can't break free from it... I swear her whole 2nd year album will include bunny as well, plus he is already starting to look quite dingy.. ick..... washing or not.

Stay safe in that weather.. :)