Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday is good.

Yes Wednesday is good to me today. aside from the fact that I have a very iritable baby, teething right now. as many of you know I have had a large task of organizing at hand, and have been dragging my feet, well I finally got it done! YEAH!

I know I have talked obsessively about my great outdoor hobbies and it has been much work and I am feeling many muscles in area's that I don't normaly know there are muscles. So I think gardening officially counts as exercise. All the hard work is definately worth it when my 3 year old on a stroll through the garden together says "Whats that Mama?" and I say "That's beets" and he says "Yummm".

and when I see pictures like these...

My Big Mister loves loves strawberries and can be found in my patch quite often. and I love it, he is such a sweetheart!

And I have yummy treats like this to enjoy all year....

I am so Melancholy it's starting to get on my nerves. But I like to have everything ready to go. also if you noticed the butter it keeps the jam from getting foamy and having to skim it off the top.

and by the way this is sugar free, preservative free, and organic strawberry jam. I used organic sugarfree pectin and xylitol for the sweetening. I made half of my jam today and got 24 8oz Jars. In case you are wondering why some jars are upside down, It seals them quicker.

Now my last project for today!!!!

Have a great one, God Bless, Christina


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

WOW lady you amaze me. You are the most organized task handler ever. You get projects accomplished. I LOVE it!

Look at all that Jam...WOW, I'm so impressed.

To think you have a giant well kept immaculate garden, clothes to fold and organize, babies to take care of, one being sick, and you have time to make Jam!

Wow, you are one amazing lady!

Not too mention you are doing so fabulous with your weight loss!


Just wanted to toot your horn a little!:)

Elizabeth said...

i have so much housework to do also but between attending to tulip & my attention to my little horn i haven't gotten a lot done.

Mari said...

You have been busy - great job! Those are cute pictures of big mister in the strawberries!

Alana said...

It feels so good to get things done, doesn't it. I should try to do it more ;-)

I'm so jealous of your strawberry patch. Yum! And the garden looks amazing!

The Better Idiot said...

Wow that's a lot of organising! Your (big) little one is so cute!

katrina said...

Your strawberry patch looks awesome. The pics. of big mister are so cute. Glad you got all your organizing done. I do wonder how you manage everything.