Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tagged twice as good!

Photo tag!

This is a fun photo meme that I was tagged for by Mari.

Here are the instructions:
* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
* Pray that you remember the details.
* Tag 5 others.
Here is the picture I found in my 6th folder

This picture was taken when I was eight months pregnant with my 2nd child 'Little Mister'. (yes, I know I was positively gigantic) I was doing what i did a lot during the last few months, enjoying cuddle time with my Big Mister. Now there is another part of the story to this picture. The puppy, we named him teddy and this was a third attempt to have a puppy for Big mister. It was on a trial basis, and it lasted all of 3 days. He was adorable but I was miserably pregnant so everything seemed like a big deal. That meant the dog had to go.

Now for my tag, I tag anyone who wants to do this fun little meme.

Now for tag #2

I was also tagged by Elizabeth at mommy etc...
Here are the rules...
1-post the rules
2-write 6 random things about yourself
3-tag 6 people at the end
4-taggers start with rule #1

as I am pressed for time I am going to keep this short, sweet and simple.

1* I am no longer in denial, I will fess up and admit it, Yes I am a scrap addict, but not willing to go for help yet!

2* I very much dislike halloween. I hate scary things and spooky things. I think halloween is a waste of the word holiday. I am not a halloween scrooge I just don't see the point in celebrating scary things and rotting the teeth of our children.

3* I am a conservative. I dress more on the conservative side. I am not one to wear jewelry hardly ever. I won't even get my ears pierced because I get nauscous (i know it's spelled wrong, sorry) at just the thought of a needle poking me with my consent.

4* I love wine tasting. I love the culture of it, the process of making the wine, from the vineyards to the cellar. I don't believe in foolish drinking but I love a romantic evening with a glass of wine and chocolate covered strawberries. mmmmmm!

5* I am still praying for twins with at least one girl. Not right now but my next pregnancy. I want 4 kids and at least 1 daughter but only one more c-section. I'm not asking to much am I?

6* I love childrens books. i collect them old and new, and I enjoy reading them just as much as my children. I get excited every tuesday morning when we go to story time at the library.

Now for my Tag, If your're reading this.... Tag your it!



Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

4 kids?! That's just crazy ;)

I am with your on the wine but not the scrapbooking--you would cringe if you saw how I treat my pics ;)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You know, I secretly want twins too. I know that I probably have no clue what I'm asking for. :)

I agree about Halloween...I'm not a an either. Probably has something to do with the way we were raised, but honestly, I would much rather skip it and put my money towards some awesome Christmas decor. :)

Mari said...

What a fun picture of you pregnant. Yes - you were huge! The other meme was fun too. I was reading your facts and could have written #1-#4 myself!

Tiffany said...

The picture is great! I bet that brought back great memories. I love to scrapbook too,I just need to make time to do it!

new*me said...

huge or not, you had that glow ;)