Monday, December 8, 2008

Now the wedding day is passed and they are on they're honeymoon... happily ever after. The wedding went well, no major mishaps just a little rushing and inneed of a bit more organization. Oh, well they are married and that's what counts. They're colors were brown and teal with silver. I am guessing around 130 to 150 guests. My big mister was a ring bearer and did a great job when bribed with a new thomas and friends train! LOL! My Mom made they're cake and she always does a beautiful job.

And now of course the Men in my life!
God Bless, have a great day,


Elena said...

Looked like a beautiful wedding. I like December weddings!(Our wedding was on Dec. 14th)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! What an incredible cake your mom made!

Your guys all look awesome!

We were actually invited to your borthers wedding and almost went, but we ended up having commitments preparing for our church Christmas program. It's so funny, because I didn't even know he was your brother until I saw his engagement pictures on your blog. I knew he was a relative, but I mostly just knew he was the guy who hunts on our land. :) Isn't it a small world? :)So, anyway, he left a wedding invation here one day when he was out hunting. :) They both look so happy.

Mari said...

What a beautiful wedding. Your Mom did a great job with the cake. Big Mister looks cute as do the other Misters!

Elizabeth said...

i'm so sad that i couldn't be there! thanks for the photos though...hope to see more! ;-)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

What a lovely bride and groom! And your guys look so spiffy!

Glad it was fun!

new*me said...

wow............that cake was beautiful!!!