Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am behind, as I haven't posted in a bit. There were a few nice days last week and the boys were so happy to play outdoors. I was so quickly reminded of our summertime routine when they came to the kitchen door ready for lunch and they were covered in mud. I stopped them in they're tracks and stripped them and put em in the tub. They were quick to eat they're lunch and off to napville. That was a great day, no squabbling just harmony.
I was pre-occcupied over the weekend and forgot to take my vitamins and by sunday nightI had my migraines back, BOO! That will teach me to forget. I then awoke monday morning with an ear infectiona and a head cold. I am feeling lots better today but still hanging on to a head cold and a bit of an ear infection.
Either the baby or I have been growing quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. My clothes are fitting way to well from one week to another. My big ultrasound is in a week, and we are not decided yet as to what we are going to find out. I thought it might be nice to take the boys with us to see the baby. Big Mister would especially get excited. He told me the other day to open my mouth real big, and then he stuck one eye as far as he could in my mouth and started shouting that he can see the baby in my belly. Very cute! He says we don't need any girls just a boy. Boys learn early to be loyal.
I am really excited to be doing a new nursery. I am going with Raggedy Ann and Andy. I have chosen paint colors and I have a friend that is sharing some of her nursery things. I will definately post pics as it gets closer.
Pray for our addition fund. We need a good amount of money yet to add on to our house as we only have a two bedroom. God always provides, I am sure of that.

Have a great day, Christina


Elena said...

Dear Christina, I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick. That was such a cute story about your Big Mister trying to see the baby! Priceless. Blessings, Elena

Elizabeth said...

i think i'll just go crazy if you don't find out...even though i am considering not finding out if we get pregnant again. :-)

Amanda said...

I think what your big mister did was just so cute ~ bless him!
I will look forward to seeing pictures of the nursery.
Keep Well,
Amanda x

Vixbil said...

I took Bubbs to all my scans with the girls and he loved it. Not sure he loved the first one though when we found out we were having twins as I couldn't stop howling!!

new*me said...

hope you are feeling better soon! I always got sick more when I was pg.

The nursery sounds too cute! I love Raggedy Ann!

I hope your addition money comes soon :)