Monday, June 29, 2009

The past week in review....

My husband has been busy working on our addition, It does look like chaos right now but wait till you see the pics next week:) My Sister Anita and friend Layla are helping me clean strawberries. We picked 65 quarts on that particular day and have now picked about 240 quarts total this season. We have been so grateful for all the help picking as I have not been able too!
The boys found ways of staying cool on the hot hot hot summer days this past week. They called it making mud soup. I loved how well they have playing and helping me out:) :) :)

This was taken on fathers day while I was grilling lunch. The boys wanted to be just like daddy they said and took they're shirts off. They then started wrestling and boy did they have fun.
The week was productive for me, I have made some baby purchases. We now have the baby book, hospital outfit for while we are there and to come home in, headband bows (which are a must), girl scrapbooking supplies, a few major adorable outfits, and I registered for the people that wanted to know what I still needed. I also finished the baby's crib blanket, and also the matching pillow that I take to the hospital for all the people who visit to sign. There will be pics later when the nursery is done.
That's been my week, you have a great one,


Mari said...

It's been busy over there! Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished addition!

Elena said...

You have been very busy! Can't wait to see the nursery and all the changes. Your boys are adorable!