Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 1rst Birthday!!!!

It's a Happy Birthday for our Little Mister!

He's the big 1 today, and it seems like I was pregnant longer than we have had his precious little face with our family. He has so much life, we call him our "wild man"! I love the excitement in his smile and his little bottom shuffle across the floor, his sweet kisses and dreamy eyes, but the nose is a Mama's favorite.

We are having a big party on saturday, since he probably won't know the difference anyway. I bought matching red polo's for both boy's to wear at the party and I am going with red and white for the decorations and lots of balloons(helium and also lots to float around on the floor) I sometimes wonder if the party is more for the mama's to show off or for the children?

I bought this awesome toy called magnet farm by leap frog, it is so much fun and great quality.

I also like to get a keepsake gift for they're first birthday. I chose a oversized "my first piggy bank" for him that is adorable.


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

my computer froze, so i don't know if you got my original comment...

my friends have that same toy and their kids love it. :-) it is so cute! little mister is also the cutest...i can't wait until he and tulip can play together again. i wish i could be there for his party...but i'll either send something up for him when my mom visits or bring it up when we visit in may. email me about what you need for him. :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Can't wait to see all of you. I know little mister is probably gatting so big. See you soon!