Monday, March 31, 2008


I don't know about all of you out there, but these past couple of weeks have been stressful. It seems when you adjust to one thing more piles on. So, I am not good at the whole "stress management" thing; but maybe if I can apply a few relaxation and pampering tips it would aid in the stress management issue.
One thing that I was in the habit of doing up to the last couple months was taking a nightly bubble bath. I mean bring on the bubbles, the candles, a nice hot cup of tea, and occasionally a scoop of chocolate icecream or an oreo cookie. (of course an apple with peanut butter will due now)
Along with that bath I would find a good novel or a book with many short stories. I love an old book of poems I found at a garage sale last summer. Also, I have this book that I purchased before my wedding to read to my new wonderful husband while traveling. It is "Stories for the Romantic Heart" compiled by Alice Gray
This has some of the most touching and and heart warming stories great for a relaxing bubble bath or being curled up with that great cup of tea on a cold rainy day.
Speaking of that great cup of tea; I love tea with a passion. From the teapot to the teacup, the aromas and the fancy little cloth napkins. The greatest is the flavor and the quality of the tea you brew.
I recieved a gift of tea from a special Cousin for Christmas. This tea comes packaged in a classy little tin and when opened it the leaves still had such beautiful color proving the freshness and quality it indeed possessed. As I looked closer I was excited to see the tea leaves were each in they're own little satin sachets. What an awesome gift idea from someone who knew me and what I truly enjoy and appreciate. This tea is called "yellow and blue", the flavor being chamomile and lavender, I believe it can be purchased at a starbucks.You can also click on the link below for all of the variety's by this company.

These are my favorite ways to relax, and always love new ideas to pamper myself. God bless and I will blog again soon,

P.S. Here is a link to the book I talked about.


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree that a bubble bath and candles and such is the way to relax. A good book is always an essential. Although I am a Karen Kingsbury fan myself. I never tire of reading her books. Katrina

Anonymous said...

hey their stressed out,it will get easier,I promise.You are sacrificing so much right now and God will bless you.Just remember our scrapbookiong weekend and all the fun you are going to have.It couldn't come soon enough. virginia