Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scrapbooking Addicts

I can admit I am an addict. The paper, the embellishments, the photos, all of it is my favorite. I am still working on adding all the elements to my blog; but in the mean time I'll share some of the things that inspire me and the things that helped me get started.

I had a "buddy". She and I started on the same day; and went in with eyes wide open. we bounced ideas off one another; such as color scheme, embellishments, titles and journaling.

First we selected an event, then a title, and then shaped the pictures on our "canvas". a great resource is going to and looking at examples of layouts. It's free and you can get so many great ideas.

Also check at your local craft stores for crop nights; the fee's are usually low (5-10 dollars) and they have a lot of the equipment so you can decide which tools you like the best and buy only what you need.

My top 5 favorite tools are:
5-'yes' glue and a fine tip paint brush
4- small alphabet stckers
3- creative memories cutting system
2-pattern paper
1-the 'cricut'

I would love to hear your top 5 faves!


Jack's Mommy said...

i would love to be a scrapbooker...i tried a few times but just never could get the hang of it (plus i have a huge aversion to cutting However I do love digital scrapbooking! The hardback photo books from snapfish and online places like that are my favorites - we have a few and they're so beautiful and fun to keep out too. :)

mamachristina said...

Jack's mommy, thanks for visiting my new site, I agree the photo books are beautiful. I however love the hobby of doing my own and I also don't like cutting up my photo's. I try to work around that a lot.