Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weight loss class...1 week to go!

My class was kind of bittersweet last night; I had a stressful week and was traveling (not for fun) and so I took the knowledge from my 10 weeks prior to make great choices and I bought a large case of bottled water to make sure that I get my water intake to where it needs to be. So although I didn't feel like I gained any weight, I also didn't feel a great loss either. I stepped on the scale with knocking knees and the number popped out and I wasn't sure what the difference was and it felt like forever till my coach did the calculation. I lost a whole 3 oz. I felt like I had a victory in 2 ways; 1: I can control weight gain even in stressfull times, 2: I still lost!!!
I did no fried or high fat foods, I did turkey sandiwiches and low fat condiments, fruit, yogurt, eggs, ultimatly high protien and lots of water.
So the plan this week to do all the right things and have a great number next week!
Come back next thursday to see the final results from my celebration class!

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